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I do not recomend this program 1 stars by BillyBob Dec 17, 2021 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have a paid copy of this program. Main problem with it is that it needs iTunes to work but cannot use the iTunes provided through the Microsoft Store. That is a problem for me because I hate the standalone version of iTunes for Windows. Even when I used it with the standalone version of iTunes, it was frustratingly inconsistent in connecting with my iPhone. As a consequence, I've stopped trying to use it. show Review details
Application needs allot more testing. 1 stars by nick521 Aug 21, 2016
Be VERY careful with this and do multiple backups from different vendors if I were you. I paid for this app so I expect a certain level of quality. I lost ALLOT of very personal data, some apps didn't even copy, I lost ALL my app data. Apps like CityMapper that has had months and months of data being entered into it, gone. My WhatsApp history which I rely heavily on to stay in contact with family, 95 gone andor all jumbled up. Some WhatsApp groups were lost, I have so many I cannot identify just how bad the damage is. I also lost a number of my contacts but again no idea just how many. I have accumulated many years of contacts. The worst thing, my entire photo collection had the dates wiped. I lost all metadata from the birth of my child. Very precious, personal information which as a first time parent you hold onto. All dates and location info, gone :( ...makes me really sad I won't have this to share with my daughter when she gets older. I wouldn't rely on the stability of this application until it has gone through more testing. For most people, the mobile is a very personal extension of themselves so you should think very hard about just who you are placing your trust in when allowing them to restore your world. Just to clarify, I wasn't doing anything unusual... a simple backup of the s6 prior to phone being replaced. I don't run anything strange or taxing that alters the phone setup in anyway. Very disappointing. If you try this, use two backup vendors for safety show Review details
Improved since last update 4 stars by Rigo.Rodriguez533 Apr 20, 2016
Tried using again after the last updates and found it's better now then some of previous posts people have made. It's a great alternative to Itunes and has better features. would recommend to friends and family. show Review details
This one is worth it 5 stars by Klatuu Feb 20, 2015 (Read all my 29 reviews)
I've tried a few other programs to get around using iTunes, and most were pretty lame. While this does require you to install iTunes to operate, once you do you'll never use iTunes again to connect to your device. This is so much simpler - using categories for what is on the device so you don't have to move, install, copy everything. One recommendation - create a folder on your hard drive to manage the files, since this program cannot. Then once you have a folder (and iTunes installed) launch SyncIOS and manage away - backup your iPod or phone to your drive, move media on and off, etc. Far better and easier than iTunes, and no more nagging to update every time you load it like iTunes does. show Review details
Don't need itunes anymore! 5 stars by old-guy Mar 02, 2014 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have an iPod Touch and I like it, until I have to interface it with iTunes. In fact once I got my music and videos copied to the iPod I didn't want to change anything because that meant using iTunes again. Not any more, Syncios WORKS! It is easy to use and intuitive. Everything is just easier now. If you get frustrated with iTunes you should try Syncios. show Review details
Great product! 5 stars by echochen1362185 Jul 31, 2013
Love this product! I can not find other software to do so many things like it. It helps me backup and sync my videos, music, photos....between my laptop and my iPod Touch 5 with ease. Also, it supports converting videos and making ringtones for my iPod Touch 5. What an amazing freeware! show Review details
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