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High hopes dashed 2 stars by oteotd May 07, 2013 (Read all my 50 reviews)
I had hi hopes for this product. I simply wanted a program that would show me changes from one directory to another and let me apply changes if I wanted. This will do that but is a little quirky. For starters when it shows you the preview it is not really explanatory. You can figure it out but it is not worth the extra effort. On my first attempt I used one of the simple modes. I expected to see a duplicate directory matching the original. Ultimately this did happen but in a weird way. What happened? I had a test folder on my desktop(XP). Wanted to create a simple backup which should have copied an identical directory other than the name on my desktop. I expected to see New Folder with the same files. What I got was a folder full of sub folders that you would have to navigate through. I should have simply opened the New Folder directory and seen my files. I guess you could tweak the program to fix this but should not have to. Second issue. I used the manual backup mode. Tried to use mirror mode. My original directory had a briefcase. The backup created a briefcase file but with a standard icon not the brief case icon. If I manually copy the brief case the icon stays correct. From what I see there are enough issues for me to find another portable program that I can trust or upgrade current program to include a portable version for a small fee. show Review details
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