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Full version is shockingly good. free, nice. 4 stars by donaldayers01871 Jun 16, 2018
Pegaus must have a secret sauce. I can only guess that it must stop processes that other optimizers don't. Even if my prior use of other optimizer had emptied caches and temp files, all had the chance to kill whatever else was bogging down my Windows 7 64 bit system. Pegusun did. It was my trial use of the full product but nevertheless, suddenly my keyboard responded faster, cursor movement was faster, moving files about was faster and refreshes were faster. I don't mean a little faster. I was shocked and in a state of disbelief. I wrote the developer and complained he had made a liar out of me because I no longer believed my own eyes. All I can say is I ran the program as I would any other, looked away for what I thought was ten seconds and I was back in business. Ok, maybe Pegusun didn't have to work so hard because others had cleaned the computer. But none of that explains the quick result and why my computer performed as if just unboxed --only after use of Pegasun. Free is nice but the full version is what left me thinking I was seeing things. TRY IT. show Review details
Too restrictive 2 stars by JaJoa69 Sep 04, 2013 (Read all my 18 reviews)
Just tried version 1.40 and,although it looked promising,I found that half the stuff is not available! show Review details
Solid but nothing new 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 20, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It's a light program, runs fine but the issue with it is that it's the same as any typical all in one and even less than that. I didn't find the interface very intuitive but it's not horrible either. There are far better out there and this feels sort of thrown together. Lacking the registry cleaner is a plus of course and the inclusion of hard disk repair and back up is the only reason I gave it a 4 star. If not, a definite 3. Oh and no install needed, another plus. It has room to grow or improve and could easily get a 5 with some changes. show Review details
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