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It's good 3 stars by gimpguy Mar 04, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It's not a bad app by any means and I have others very similar to it. The one downfall with them all is that they are all easily bypassed, this is no exception. BUT these aren't really meant to lock down a system, these types of screen locks are meant to keep, say curious children or granny, or someone who won't bother or know how to get past the screen. In this regard yes, it can be a great security tool to keep someone from messing with files or folders or web sites if you have to take a leave from your pc. FYI, just type the password, you get back in. You can also simply shut the pc down from the screen. There are other options as well. It's nice but nothing I find all that useful. show Review details
Good range of features 4 stars by ianmacm Feb 18, 2013 (Read all my 174 reviews)
It is possible to set a password protected screensaver on Windows, but ScreenBlur has a much wider range of options including hotkeys. The program is no-install, so it can be run from a pen drive. One word of warning though, don't lose the password used to lock the screen, or you may have difficulty getting back into the computer. show Review details
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