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The only player that actually makes a playlist 5 stars by JURYCOM Sep 21, 2017 (Read all my 43 reviews)
This Clementine player is 100 great. Making a playlist is super easy and flawless. I tried four other players from Snap Files and all were complicated or didn't work. Clementine is intuitive, easy and even asks where you want to save the playlist file. I am very happy I found this on Web Attack. show Review details
Really good but needs some fixes. 4 stars by seriousnoizemusic872 Mar 28, 2015
I am using Windows 8.1 and when first using it the software it kept crashing on me after a few song plays, or changing songs. I decided to turn off the mood bar feature and change the output plugin to Direct8 audio sink. This seemed to solve my problem with the crashes. Just thought I would mention this in case it might help someone else. This program has some really good features, I do wish they would make it to where you could disable some of the extra options to where they don't appear on the left of the screen that I don't use like Grooveshark and others. I hope they continue to improve this program and work out all the bugs. Very good music player with a lot of extras. Worth giving a try. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by gimpguy Nov 14, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I wasn't sure what to expect with the previous rating but I found this to be extremely easy to use with many options at the same time. I won't go over what's been already mentioned by Snapfiles but will touch base on some other things like the sound quality. I was a bit impressed with the equalizer sound and unlike others, I will actually use the equalizer which isn't distorting my sound at all. There are some odd effects you can add while playing music like rain, kittens, etc... which the only ones that work are the first two sound effect filters, not sure why. It's very easy to scan your library and to add songs, rate, tag, pretty much everything you could need out of a player in my opinion. I have no issues with CD lock up and works well so not sure what's going on there. All in all a great software. show Review details
A little buggy 2 stars by kycochise Jan 13, 2013 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Looks very promising, but I cannot get it to recognize my CD drive, and then it locks it up and I have to close out Clementine to get my CD usage back. This is the second time I've tried this program.... About 6 months ago, and now. I thought maybe it has been fixed, but no, it is the same. show Review details
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