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Dubious integrity 4 stars by otempora126838 Apr 18, 2020 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I spend 25 of my computing time in Windows Explorer (WE). I've been using Clover 3.4.5 for years now, with concerns; however, it is a wonderful program, one of the first I install (and QTTab has not been updated since 2013?). During the install, which is in Chinese, I uncheck everything that is checkable, in the hope that it prevents adware installs. Right. Still, it seems to install OK. In the latest version, 3.5.4, VirusTotal has 36 hits on it (out of 72 engines). Kaspersky, what I use, does not (as of 4-18-20) -- but it does earlier versions, as adware. Anyway, Clover is a functional program, and MS apparently does not intend to add tabs and bookmarks to WE. So for me, in KIS I simply prevent Clover EJIE etc. from making external network connections, which I hope is safety enough. My first go-to software site is SnapFiles. But I don't know if they actually verify that the files they post are safe. Here, take your chances on very useful piece of software. show Review details
Read chinese or take your chances 1 stars by henerey773 May 13, 2017 (Read all my 37 reviews)
I plowed through the installer's chinese buttons hoping I didn't click EXPLODE MY PC. Then when up and running I couldn't see the value. MultiCommander for me. Then my Iobit Uninstaller had to clean up THIRTY registry entries. show Review details
Just what I needed! 5 stars by LowStrung May 15, 2015 (Read all my 16 reviews)
I had been looking for a way to improve Windows Explorer for a long time, and Clover fits the bill perfectly. It uses one of the simplest approaches to management of multiple drives and folders in a single window. It looks very nice on my Windows 7 netbook, and is completely compliant with the OS. In fact it changes nothing in Windows Explorer itself except for the addition of tabs and bookmarks, and an improvement in Explorer's appearance. There is something missing, although not a deal-breaker: According to the license document shipped with Clover, the update feature can be disabled in the settings screen, but I've found no such option there, and if you happen to be offline when looking at the About dialog, you'll see an error message that the download site can't be found. Otherwise, Clover is an excellent choice for making life simpler. Its green clover leaf logo should have four leaves instead of three, because it's a lucky find! show Review details
Time saver 4 stars by oteotd Aug 11, 2014 (Read all my 50 reviews)
This app is something that should be included as a default in Windows. I guess it is not because MS figures it is not that useful. I find this very useful. You can now for example switch between two different flash drives without changing windows. I would have rated a 5 if it was easier to find the settings menu. The icon should not be a wrench, it should be a clover with a gear inside of it, this way it would bring more attention that this icon is settings for clover. Please note that due to the changes in your computer, your explorer will most likely crash during install. This is due to the changes clover makes. Not a big deal. Just click the restart option and you are good to go. show Review details
Incredible addition to Explorer 5 stars by nax667 Nov 18, 2012
Well implemented tabs for explorer - it is that good! Developer is very active with development and has excellent plans for Clover's future. ... and to the user that states there is no "about" or "preference" window, just click the wrench icon on the explorer window to reveal more options ;) Highly recommended show Review details
Works great 4 stars by raptozilla Oct 29, 2012 (Read all my 26 reviews)
I had installed a previous version of Clover that caused Explorer to crash whenever I exited the program. After contacting the authors and advising them of this, they corrected the problem, and this version works works very well; no more crashes. I was using QTTabBar previous to Clover and decided to try Clover because it is much better looking. Clover's bookmark bar is also a crucial feature in prompting me to make the switch. The only thing lacking in Clover is the ability to middle-click on a folder and have it open in a new tab; middle-clicks work only on the bookmarks bar. In order to open a folder in a new tab, one must right-click on the folder and click on OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. It would be nice if future versions of Clover incorporated the ability to open a folder in a new tab by middle clicking on it. show Review details
Improved. . . 4 stars by Scientific_Frontline Oct 29, 2012 (Read all my 25 reviews)
This is actually a second review, the first not being favorable. There was an issue that caused "Windows Explorer" to crash. Snapfiles contacted me and said the issue had been resolved. . . and it has been corrected. The only reason I mentioned the past review is to express my confidence in both Snapfiles and the developer. Snapfiles in acknowledging the issue and informing of its correction. The developer in quickly resolving. Yet I'm still concerned how such a major bug was not detected before release. The developer made a statement on his site that the code has been "hastily written." Maybe just incorrect wording on his part, though this doesn't induce confidence to a user. Again the program works well now, and looks to have a good future. Curious on how one will be informed of an update since there is no "about" or "preference" window to this program. (at least not that I could find." show Review details
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