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Works great, lightweight and fast. 4 stars by skybabyblue Sep 26, 2015 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Great little tool for grouping together images based on their width&height size. I use this when I'm batch resizing photos. First I'll use Dimensions2Folders to separate the large medium and small photos into individual folders. Then I can easily drop those folders into the batch resize program I use one at a time, first I resize the large folder then the medium folder then the small if needed. I'm usually just resizing down to save space so the small folder is skipped. Someone else might have a better method but this way works for me. A couple things about Dimensions2Folders keeps it from getting a 5 star review from me. The interface is a little too technical. Recurse source folder should simply be called Scan subfolders. Also the tolerance level should be a little easier to use. Maybe having a tolerance that could work in only one direction either plus OR minus would be useful. Other than that it's great and I love the fact that it's portable, just unzip and use. show Review details
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