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Excellent freeware! 5 stars by david982 Aug 18, 2017
Excellent freeware, I like it! My favourite likes Photoshop layer function. 5 stars! show Review details
Nothing special 1 stars by bolgwrad May 10, 2016 (Read all my 20 reviews)
No drag'n'drop from Explorer, very limited range of edit tools - no 'fill'? - Seanau Icon toolkit comes across as an icon editing project that wasn't finished, but they released it anyway. If you're a habitual icon editor, you'll already have your own apps and workflow, which Seanau Icon Toolkit won't do anything to improve, shorten or speed up. It might have one or two dedicated icon routines (eg layering) that other software doesn't do as easily, but it does nothing you can't do elsewhere. And an extra minus point for putting large homepage buttons in the UI. show Review details
Nice 5 stars by dulinpetre829 Jan 16, 2013
Nice software, and free. Recommend! show Review details
Nice job! 4 stars by ldioye851 Aug 15, 2012
Like your software! There is no useless filter, all filters are very useful, very innovative. I'm look forward to more useful filter and look forward to more innovation. Nice job! show Review details
Like photoshop icon tool 5 stars by thomeopen853 Aug 13, 2012
Great icon tool, and it's free! The powerful features like Photoshop, combine and edit icon is a very easy thing. show Review details
Good job! 5 stars by yitoan52 Aug 10, 2012
Good free icon tool, good guys, good site! show Review details
Great 4 stars by monthodie973 Aug 09, 2012
Very easy to combine icons for my needs. Like most Mac Style, Vista Style and Crystal Style filters! show Review details
Excellent icon tool! 5 stars by master418 Aug 05, 2012
Excellent free icon tool, very easy to use! And you can get about 7,000 high quality stock icons on their site! Most Recommend! show Review details
Great 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 03, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
1. I have used other icon compilers, they have done a fair job but never what I looked for in scaling. 2. I compile my own icons in PS or Gimp, adjusting as needed to look good at a specific size. Some icons need a lot of work per scaling. That said, I was highly impressed with the scaling of a 256X256 .png image. It scaled it (which most can do) but it did it .. WELL. The clarity of the icon was great no matter the size I view it. Others have really hacked away at my icons, this did not. It kept the smoothness and clarity at the same time. I had some issues with the program (now solved) was a bad download and all is good. The other tools? They have gradient selectors, plenty of alpha needs for transparency on near any object. The color and other adjustment tools are beyond standard, meaning, the filtering and how precise the adjustments are seem better than your typical adjusters (at least in my opinion). Although I think you'll agree once you give the "styles" adjustments a try, with Mac style, Vista, mirror, shade, etc... and all very easy to use. While I would not create an icon in this or most other icon softwares, it is definitely one of the best (to me) for working with them after the fact and for a very quick compiling. Excellent. show Review details
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