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Now (as of version 7) with ads. 1 stars by JohnCorliss Mar 04, 2020 (Read all my 24 reviews)
This program works and does what it's supposed to do, but no that it's full blown adware I will only use 7-Zip instead. show Review details
V7 is now freemium 3 stars by Harlan Mar 03, 2020 (Read all my 69 reviews)
This was my zip software for several years, and V6.26 (still available) is still very good. However, V7 is freemium, and although I understand the developer's desire to monetize his work, there are too many capable free competitors to make this a good choice for users. OTOH, I do sometimes voluntarily contribute to freeware developers, so maybe it works out about the same. show Review details
Best archiver I've used 4 stars by LowStrung May 15, 2015 (Read all my 16 reviews)
I abandoned 7-Zip a long time ago in favor of Bandizip, which is fast and reliable, more user-friendly than 7-Zip, and can handle a wide range of archive formats. There is also a portable version, which is what I'm currently using (Bandizip 5.05). The image previewer found in the installed version is not available in the portable version, but you can still open archived images by association, either via the enter key or by double-clicking them. One thing I'd like to see that is standard in Windows Explorer compressed folders is the ability to copy and paste files to and from an archive. That option is neither on the context menu nor accessible with Ctrl C Ctrl V. You can, however, drag and drop files to and from the Bandizip window. show Review details
Very good free archiver 5 stars by alphard684 Mar 06, 2013
Simple and user friendly interface and fast speed. Better then 7-zip. And free! This version only user account used installer, but go the homepage... MAC version, administrator version (all user in one computer), and portable (only user account). show Review details
Good, but not for multi-user systems 3 stars by Thezenarcher Dec 22, 2012 (Read all my 8 reviews)
BandZip works well, but it installs to user account directories only -- it cannot be installed to the globally-accessible Program folders under XP or Win7. As a result systems with more than one user require multiple installs, one per account, or the app is invisible. Many systems have one Admin account and one or more Limited User accounts, so with this setup only the Admin can see and use Bandzip. The authors have stated this is a deliberate choice on their part, but it's a major annoyance and renders BandZip unusable for many. My system has three accounts, so the 6MB program folder would have to be tripled in size, not to mention the hassle of changing account rights multiple times just to install. Reverting to 7-Zip which installs for all users. show Review details
The best 5 stars by MouseChaser Nov 02, 2012 (Read all my 27 reviews)
This program is the best and is so easy to use. show Review details
Exactly what i was looking for. 5 stars by xiruahu Aug 04, 2012 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Bandizip is fast, with a modern, clean and user friendly interface. I use it with Windows 7 64-bit and everything is going very well, including integration with the Windows menu. That's all I was looking for. show Review details
The best 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 29, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I thought I'd give Bandizip a try, previously using HaoZip, which is a free excellent compression utility and faster than Winrar, plus at the time, was one of the only ones that would compress multiple files to separate archives. I tried Bandizip today expecting a shoddy compression utility, BandiZip is probably the smoothest, fastest compression utility I've used. That's not all, it also hosts the ability to compress multiple files into separate archives. It works with multiple compression types, has plenty of settings and a more basic user interface but I like it, it's very straight forward and you aren't fumbling around looking for what you need to accomplish here. EDITED: I had to go back and fix this review. My son has a folder with .iso, vob, encrypted files, games, etc... and dared me to try Bandizip on it so I tested it which is a 42 Gig folder on a removable drive "which many have a hard time with". The results... 52 percent done > 34 min BandiZip
38 percent done > 34 min HaoZip
26 percent done > 34 min Peazip
26 percent done > 34 min Winzip
6 percent done > 34 min Winrar All normal compression. I didn't wait the whole time, I stopped at 34 min each and unbelievably, these were my results. Not to mention 2 of these slowed my system badly when browsing the web, Bandizip was NOT one of them. I've not been this happy with a compression utility. I have as of right now 3 other people who dropped their zip software for this. show Review details
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