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Great features poor performance 2 stars by gimpguy Aug 22, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I had high hopes for this at first, thinking how cool this was, which quickly took a bad turn. First of all, whenever I cropped the video, VL would stop responding. I then cropped the video very slowly and carefully, this seemed to solve the issue. Thinking I got over that hurdle, I was ready to create the video from a 650 Mb mpeg. 1. The video conversion took a very long time for such a file. 2. The video would not play as .avi, stated it needed to be chunked or something on that order. 2. After converting to .wmv, and another shot at .avi, it converted, however, there is no picture and the audio is hissing and popping. Not comparing products here but to mention for the sake of it, I used both Format Factory and AVStoDVD for different formats, .avi, dvd iso, wmv, and all worked flawless using other converters and the original video is fine as well, plays great. This indicates the issue is definitely with VideoLobster. All in all I was truly hoping for more out of this and currently (glad I didn't buy it) but yes, very disappointed as the filters and such seemed very cool to use. Ah well, maybe it will be fixed in the near future and I can give it another go. For now, can't give something a good rating that doesn't work. show Review details
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