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Whole hard drive back 5 stars by Airbourne Aug 24, 2011 (Read all my 9 reviews)
I lost everything on a Hard Drive. I had formatted the 'C Drive' and reinstalled WinXP and my 2nd HDrive lost everything. It showed memory as empty everything GONE but a manager program showed memory was used. I used MiniTool and it got at least 85 percent of the files back in the original folders. 10 percent I reckon was in a list of files so I was able to put these files back where they belonged. ALL with their original names, it was just like looking at my drive before they all disappeared. I had tried 2 other Undelete programs some that had many good comments but were no good for this whole HDrive with files/folders gone. Forget 5 stars, it gets 10 stars. show Review details
Finds corrupt partitions that others can't 5 stars by dank69 Jun 23, 2011
As the subject says, this tool finds data that other programs can't! show Review details
Thank you very much! 5 stars by GratefulIrish Jun 02, 2011
After a visit to Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, all of our photos of that day and earlier in the week with family and friends, somehow disappeared off our SD card. A google search this morning brought us to this website and program. Absolutely fantastic. Within minutes it recovered our three videos and 306 photos. I had tried two other products from the google search prior to this because they were higher on the results list but neither worked. Third time lucky! I would recommend this particular product to anyone who has lost photos from an SD card. show Review details
Amazing program! 5 stars by ssydmonk May 12, 2011
My 39weeks-pregnant wife was in tears when Verizon deleted pregnancy pictures off her phone. They were replacing her broken phone, and the nimrod up front formatted the SD card, wiping all the photos. Tried 3 other products before this, didn't find any pictures or files. This file found and recovered 220 pictures off the SD card. Amazing! I'm going to buy this one, for sure. show Review details
Simply put... it works! great tool! 5 stars by HipCat May 08, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I own a Nikon D300. Despite the almost "idiot proof" flash format method, my thumb was accidentally pressing the trash button while I was changing modes... and... voila! Data erased from the CF card. It was my kids' First Communion with family and friends flying in from afar. I was in the doghouse with everyone. I downloaded MiniTool and within minutes, it had recognized my deleted files and I was EASILY able to restore them. Freeware? FANTASTICware. So easy to use. Support these guys with a donation. show Review details
Great but not better 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 14, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is a very good recovery software, easy to use, free. What it's not is any better than others and didn't really stand out of the crowd as far as recovery. Pandora still recovered 40 more data off my old drive than this did in deep scan and much of it found from MiniTool that was recovered, was not viewable or usable, although a very good portion of it was so I have no accurate ratio to give. For example, most jpeg files were no longer viewable. It still does a great recovery job and it's free and especially for data that has just been wiped, as with my other partition, it found a lot of stuff fairly quick. Definitely worth a try. show Review details
Awesome 5 stars by markthespark Apr 14, 2011
This tool made me a hero in my grandmothers eyes after she accidentally deleted all her photos off her SD card on her phone. It was simple to use and recovered the files quickly. show Review details
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