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Excellent, works straight out of the box. 5 stars by adylane885 Oct 21, 2017
Excellent piece of Freeware, works very well. show Review details
Simple to use but lots of features 5 stars by dferss Apr 10, 2014
I've been looking for some good family tree software for a while now. This is the most straightforward I've seen. Building a simple tree takes just a few minutes and the interface is very simple to follow. The chart allows me to see all the relationships in my tree clearly and I can share detailed information with the rest of my family using web reports (which also have a lot of customisation options so I can control what gets shared!). show Review details
It is a pretty program, but... 1 stars by ganerd430 Aug 20, 2012
No reports of any type. Does not allow individual separate relationships with each parent. Hard to move around, more of a tool to SHOW OFF your tree than to build it. show Review details
Back to roots 5 stars by gimpguy Apr 04, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This was my first family tree software I've ever tried (or at least if I have in the past, they weren't good enough to remember) I've been at the point where I want to create a family tree. Fortunately, MFT is just what I need. It's very easy to use, each person gets a background, pic, etc... and it organizes into, yep , a tree. The interface is very easy to get around and it's not at all sluggish, works very quickly. You can choose video, audio, pictures, attachments and much more to go along with the profiles. Aside from throwing the actual person in there, this is as good as it gets. The hard part is going to be getting all the information about my family, using MFT is the simple part. I think they did a great job with it. show Review details
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