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Current version works well... 4 stars by teaisnice420 Sep 21, 2015
The 2012 version had compatible issues with Vista7 at the time. Now WinGuard Pro is in version 2016 (10.1), it's works flawlessly. It works great on Windows 10, which is the OS I use. It's compatible with XPVista and 7 and 8 too. I can keep my little sister locked out of my important settings, for when she want to use my PC, but still have access to the other essential apps. Protecting files with encryption is also easy. I highly recommend this software. show Review details
Got it working 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 27, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
My prior review was bad of this software and with good reason, it wouldn't work. At all, could not get it to ask for passwords, reinstalled, uninstalled, restarted, shut off all security and programs, nothing I did would get it to ask for a password. That said... It began JUST WORKING. Why, I have no idea, I didn't change anything. I just went to open My Computer as I've done 100 times since my last review of this and it finally asked for a password. Huh. Suddenly all the passwords are working. Hmmm. Given the fact of the trouble I had and that it just began working for no apparent reason, I will give it a 3 but if it's this buggy, not sure I'd trust it show Review details
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