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It does what it says on the tin 4 stars by hughreid101237 Jun 08, 2014
It found and installed all the drivers that I needed....really good program! show Review details
Incorrect drivers 1 stars by JerryE1956830 Nov 26, 2013
I tried Slim Drivers free on a old Dell Dimension 2350 It found several drivers for my system one was a driver for my Soundmax audio card As it was installing the driver i noticed it was trying to install a Realtek driver so I cancelled the install. Went to the next driver a Intel smbus driver as it was installing the driver I recieved a error message stating it was the wrong driver. I clicked the support link filled out the form and submitted it. I recieved the answer I must buy this product to get a answer. I uninstalled it show Review details
Best solution. 5 stars by jedilost614 Feb 23, 2013
It found all the drivers I need. And it didn't bother me with any nag screens. There is actually a window which asks you to review the software, but you can easily bypass it. And yet, it deserves a little user review after doing the job so easily and for free. show Review details
Best driver updater around 5 stars by RyanStampton Jun 12, 2011 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This Is One Of The Best Driver Updater I Have Seen And I Have Tried Alot Of Them The Customer Service Is Really Friendly & They Get Back To You In No Time! I Would Recommend This To Anyone Who Wants The Best Driver Software show Review details
I want drivers, not a badge 2 stars by brutallyblue May 26, 2011 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I downloaded and installed Slimdrivers and I was pleased with its interface. I had it do a search for drivers that needed updated. It found 11. So, I started to download one, and then and ONLY THEN was I informed I was required to join their site if I wanted to install the driver. I really wanted that driver. I had to fill out a form to continue. I surmise that if they imparted joining information BEFORE downloading the product, or even scanning for old drivers, 75 percent of users (me being one) would have given it a pass. Then I was told to LIKE them if I wanted software updates and more freeware. Since I don't belong to Facebook, that was not something I could do. Even though I could not LIKE them, I was allowed to sign on using my new user name and password. I was told about the cool social site I just joined. I could get a badge for reviewing a product, etc. I don't need nor want a virtual badge. I suddenly felt like I was way too old for this, and I am not old. The driver installed fine, and it was one that I needed. I appreciated that. Also, it did ask if I wanted to create a restore point before it proceeded to install the driver. That was also a plus. If the software was not tethered to this social site thing, I would have definitely kept it. But, I felt kind of tricked to join,(to be fair, I could have backed out when I was told about the join requirement) and that seemed somewhat seedy. It left me wary of a company I know nothing about. show Review details
Tested fine 4 stars by gimpguy Mar 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I tried this software on two home laptops and two desktops and works great. There is an option to BACKUP first and then try to install drivers as well as a RESTORE option which yes, is a great idea. Some drivers were not needed on the laptop or incorrect but this is where any driver software can fail and many give you numerous drivers that may not be needed, it's why the backup and restore were implemented in near any driver update software. Searching on what drivers you may need will clue you in and in combination of this software, will make life a bit easier when it comes to driver updates or installs. They have a decent forum to ask questions and for people with less knowledge on what they are installing, this would be a great place to ask. For the most part, it was about 92 correct between all my laptops and computers. The other I looked up to make sure. I would like to note, if a device is working well, updating a driver is not always necessary. Sometimes you shouldn't fix what isn't broken. All in all it's not perfect (none of them are) but this can make finding drivers a lot easier. show Review details
18 out of 20 wrong drivers detection! 1 stars by Tommiet Jan 15, 2011 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Found 20 drivers on my Sony laptop that it said needed updating. ONLY 2 were valid. All the others drivers detected were incorrect and the vendors driver software would prompt telling me that it was not the correct driver... Be careful and do a system restore point before using! show Review details
Incompatible driver 2 stars by asr431 Jan 14, 2011 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I downloaded and installed this software, everything went well. I ran the initial scan, which at that point detected 19 drivers which were out of date. I began to download and install the first driver, at which point as the installation began my system warned me the driver was not compatible with my system. At this point in time I uninstalled the software and sent an email to the developer requesting info and help on this issue. This software should be able to detect the proper driver for my system and it did not. I have a Dell laptop, windows 7 duel core - 4gb of ram. I would not recommend this software until a good explanation on this issue is resolved. show Review details
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