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I like it! 5 stars by on-a-hill Oct 31, 2011 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have only been using the program for a couple days, but I am greatly enjoying it. It is laid out in a very attractive and user-friendly way. It is very easy to create and organize tasks and simple memos, whether you prefer buttons (like I do) or menus. The lists and sub-lists feature helps break down tasks into manageable chunks and smaller tasks. The notes are easily read with the "overall picture" (ie, the list of tasks) still in view. It is very easy to move tasks and folders with drag-and-drop if you need to. Plus the ability to choose different icons for your various folders makes it even easier to find lists at a glance. Once you open a list, your tasks are already arranged according to the priorities you have previously chosen for them--very cool. I have not tried the reminder feature yet, but I appreciate the option to load Task List Guru on start-up. I am definitely satisfied. show Review details
Good program 5 stars by BillBenzley Mar 16, 2011
Easy program- can transfer files to and from my laptop- has keyboard shortcuts, but a couple of them like Alt-a and Cntrl-tab are not obvious. show Review details
An all round winner 5 stars by Dragon10 Mar 02, 2011 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Once I had downloaded and installed this Task Manager, it was apparent this would very quickly put the others into the shade. The ease of use of Task List Guru is simplicity itself. A really nice GUI and very intuitive. With the additional capacity to download to a USB flash drive this is a real bonus. Make no mistake although a most welcome 'freebie' this is a very polished and professional program, that is flexible, adaptable and sufficiently customisable to meet with the needs of the general PC home user. I am always most grateful to the software developer who produces a 'professional' program and still offers a 'lite' version as freeware to the home user, a very generous gesture. Although I have used the term 'lite' by way of comparison, make no mistake this a comprehensive program that is a most useful and welcome utility that is easy on the eye, while being a delight and a pleasure to use. I conclude by expressing my sincere gratitude to Dextronet for making this program available to the Home User as freeware. show Review details
Nice program 5 stars by LidiaJames Nov 16, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This software works great. It is easy to use and I use it all the time. show Review details
Probably the best free task manager 5 stars by MoyleMax Oct 27, 2010
Probably the best free task manager I've ever used. I love the reminder feature, and the fact that you can customize nearly everything. It is really simple to use - you can just drag stuff around with mouse (to reorganize tasks in your todo list, for example). Other programs usually don't have the ability to reorder the task list the way you want. Also, it has many icons that you can use for your lists which is cool. Another thing I love is that it can maintain not just tasks and reminders but also memos, right in the tree - so it can work just like TreePad or other programs like that. Really neat and complete program, definitely not like many other half-baked free apps. show Review details
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