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Is alright for quick peeks 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all, this will display what it says, and you can hide the icon or icons so it's in the notification area, not in your face constantly. It does some basic monitoring so when you check your drive letter, or hover over the icon rather, you get this information. Sure you can hook up LEDs to the parallel port and create indicators per drive, fine, but I doubt most people will go through the trouble. (I may however, it may be fun). Definitely read the WARNINGS on the site first and the schematic on how to do so unless you want to burn up your system. Aside from this, It would be nice to actually access the drive itself by clicking and opening it from the icon, or with an option. This also monitors your internet device, card, wireless, etc... for activity. I have 3 drives, but many partitions, C,F,G,H,I,J,K and I felt it would be nice to monitor with this but I was less than enthused with it. This doesn't mean it's not a good monitor (needs work of course) but not what I was hoping for. Still FREE and worth a look at, others liked it and it's stable, easy to use but I myself won't continue using this. show Review details
Great for multiple drives, external drives! 5 stars by catmaster Sep 23, 2011 (Read all my 18 reviews)
I've got 2 internal drives and 3 external drives. DriveGLEAM is the perfect solution to monitor the activity of all the drives at a quick glance. There are some options to customize the settings. Play around with them to see what works best to your liking. If your drive icons don't appear in alphabetical order in the task bar, remember you can just drag and drop them into the order you want. At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to try this software, but now that I have, I know it's going to be on my machine from now on! If you've got multiple drives, or external drives, this is perfect! Big thanks to the developer, this is just what I was looking for! show Review details
Handy little program 5 stars by Harlan Oct 16, 2010 (Read all my 69 reviews)
Very handy for laptops without visible activity lights, such as when they are in docking stations and an external monitor is being used. show Review details
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