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Very good 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 25, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
As it's stated, it extracts music, sound from video. Ok, YouTube video, easy enough, simply convert, however there are others that aren't so easily converted, not to mention if you want a portion of the music or sound. That being said, KFAE is a perfect tool to do just that, extract it and convert at the same time, great piece of software. show Review details
Works good 5 stars by spazmid May 12, 2011
I use it to convert YouTube and other videos to audio to burn to CD and play in the car. I convert to WAV format and my CD burner does the rest. Very easy to use, and little duplication of high-level editing functions better performed by something more complex like Audacity. You can cut the BS from the beginning and end of the song, and that's about all I need to do if I start off with decent videos. I download the video, add the video file to software, cut start and end if needed, save to WAV (or several other formats). There are a few parameters you can set, like bitrate and frequency. Quick and clean and just right for what I use it for. These guys also have a free video downloader. I haven't used it yet as I've been using Firefox add-ons for that task. show Review details
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