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Excellent program,fast and easy to use 5 stars by coorowdarts390 May 17, 2015
Was looking for a free screenshot program and found that this one ticks all the boxes. Its fast and easy to use, I did not expect to find a program this good for free. (I was impressed enough to actually make a donation :-) ) show Review details
Absolutely spectacular ! 5 stars by frankimeister67 Jan 15, 2014
I'm a professional graphic designer & this is, hands down, the best screen capture utility I have ever used. Simplicity and effectiveness at it's best. I have tried a great many of them. This is so easy to use it will astound you. I almost fell off my chair in disbelief. Installs in seconds and there's NO learning curve at all.... Don't click on anything to bring up the program. Hit the Print Screen (PS) button on your keyboard and you get a click and drag sizable window. Let go and a box pops up to select MS paint or a bunch of other output possibilities. No configuring needed. GREAT for 3 monitors. Works perfectly. Program is stable (not twitchy) as some programs are. Works nicely Win7-64. Great for high-res large screens. My previous capture pgms didn't work on high res screens. This program is the kind of quality you would expect to find in commercial software. PS. It's malware free. Some programs carry malware. Tested 100 clean on If I could give 10 stars instead of 5, I would. show Review details
Efficient, quick - feature rich, not bloated 5 stars by lclugh21 Jul 11, 2013 (Read all my 2 reviews)
What a gem of a screen capture utility. No one needs complicated over-bloated whiz-bang nonsense. This utility is fast with lots of editing and annotating tools. Love the obfuscate to digitize sensitive info. Does a nice job to capture scrolling Internet Explorer web pages. For users of Jing Free good luck with outputting to a printer - there is no option in Jing! Greenshot shines nicely on printing to a printer. Yes most of us simply want to snag and capture some info on a web page or whatever to probably paste into a Word document, etc. but we do at times need to send the capture to a printer. Are you listening Jing Free? Greenshot is very easy to configure or re-configure. Recommend adjusting the milliseconds to wait before capture to 0 or a very low number. Who wants to wait on a delay? Both thumbs up here! Grab this utility, you won't be sorry. show Review details
Good but not great 4 stars by yassertariq Nov 13, 2012 (Read all my 90 reviews)
It lacks a magnifier and a floating bar. Other than these two key features, it has all the features I could think of. Perfect for a USB flash. show Review details
Compact, efficient, smooth 5 stars by Astoria Aug 31, 2010 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This is exactly the screen capture utility I was searching for. Too many similar utilities providing too many extra features for too many bytes when what I wished for was a screen capture tool (screen, active window, area) and not an image editor associated with it. This app is small, fast, elegant. And within simplicity, output options as we need them. Perfect. show Review details
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