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The features are up to you! 4 stars by realbull2009250 Feb 16, 2013 (Read all my 60 reviews)
This is a very versatile tool. It comes with some nice conversion tools, but you can add to it. You can add almost any command-line conversion tool that you want. Then you set the options and then just drag the files that you want to convert on to the short-cut or .exe file and select which function that you want. The down side is that many people may not know how to set up the command-line options. Without this knowledge, many people will find it too complex to set-up. Also I added many conversion functions, but some of the buttons go off the window and can't be seen. If you know how to use command-line functions then please try this out. show Review details
Didn't wow me 3 stars by gimpguy Apr 03, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Ok, it has a lot of nifty features or conversions rather, unfortunately I can't get it to convert supporting transparency. So if I go from .png to .ico, it has a solid background. A couple of times it dumped the folder in neverland so I couldn't find it but that may be due to me running Windows 7 X64. Command line extras, well I'm not sure I want to get into that but maybe on a rainy day. It's a nice application but I would still use others for conversion, as stated, maybe it's my OS but this didn't seem the most stable. show Review details
Works very well and music sounds great so far 4 stars by mozillagorilla Jun 07, 2010
I understood from the get go that file blender was also tested in windows 7 64 bit, and did not work properly in tests. This being said, I downloaded it anyway and the only problem I have with it is when commanding it to convert to mp3, it does it fine but also adds a wav file of the same title{which plays well also} to the out folder. I found to delete these wav files are just a matter of right click delete so this is really no problem at all. There is no programmable destination so the program just puts an out file wherever you are, this folder can be renamed and moved so this also is just a minor thing. All-in-all, the program is a folder file and not installed, to delete, just delete the file, but works very well and music sounds great so far. I recommend it! show Review details
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