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Needs more options... 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 23, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This program needs more options and a fix on a small quirk or two. One, when drawing freehand, the lines tend to break or rather, quit whenever they feel like it. I tried with both a drawing pad and without, same issue. Also, I've lost a whole drawing by clicking on a tool, just random happenings, sometimes I click on paint brush, the drawing disappears, or bucket fill, etc... The selection tool works erratically as do other tools. What's up with the modify curve? More like, try to modify, kiss it goodbye, just disappears as well. As far as options, I do feel it's lacking. Some basic shape options would be nice, something modern, something unheard of, like, oh.... a circle select. The only thing keeping me giving this a rating at all is the fact it's free, has some OK options, and decent export. show Review details
Does not export to .GIF 4 stars by R2-D2_ Jul 17, 2010 (Read all my 14 reviews)
Does not export as .GIF ! Be aware, it does export as Flash swf and other formats, but NOT .GIF! show Review details
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