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The best screensaver 5 stars by yassertariq Oct 18, 2012 (Read all my 89 reviews)
It's the only weather forecasting software that allows one to use one's own image as the background animation. I've recommended it to my mates. My favourite weather application! show Review details
Fun program to watch 4 stars by armaggedon51 Nov 14, 2010 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Surprisingly it`s a very entertaining program. The concept is original and the program quite useful as it represent accurately current weather and forecast in many cities, as well their local time. The program is free and perfectly usable as is. The paid version provide you with longer forecast and unlimited cities which is not an obligation but more to encourage the developer. He is continuously working on it and bringing new features. So have a look. It's quite charming. show Review details
Fun and easy...lacks radar and real forecast 4 stars by Ambergris Jul 03, 2010
Yo Window is an easy to set up and fun app that displays weather statistics and a simulated window that animates the weather outside. Although its fun too look at and the statistics are accurate, the app lacks any radar like most weather software, and also its "forecasts" are merely a high and low temp prediction with a sunny or rainy etc, icon. There is no detailed forecast available. Also, this app receives nor displays no emergency broadcasts or weather service warnings of any kind. One thing I do like however about the forecast is that it does predict the projected dew point for the days to come. The dew point indicates how comfortable a day is going to be far more accurately than just a temp prediction. For this reason I kept this app and paid the very reasonable price of $10, despite its having no really beefy weather features. Recommended for the undemanding weather enthusiast for its fun weather window and accurate measurements. As well as its cheap price... show Review details
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