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Useful 4 stars by gimpguy Aug 02, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This program does indeed find the documents of your choice (in my case, pdf). I like the fact it watches for documents and that you can create a virtual index of sorts. However, a thought that kept going through my head was,"Why can't I just search my own .pdf's, put them in a folder and rename them?" Basically this does the same but what it has that you can't do so easily is to change the properties and such and where this was much handier. When opening numerous .pdf's, I found the program to become a bit slow on the draw which irritated me. I opened all the .pdf's at one time separately with no slowdown in my pdf reader even with multiple windows open. I also could not enlarge the preview window which hindered my ability to see what was in the .pdf file. I could view it in my reader of course by double clicking it. Maybe I have too many .pdf's open and that's what's causing it's buggy behavior. (Time Warp) only opened 15 .pdf's and it worked fine so yeah, it's when you have 30 or more it seems to get buggy. The bright side, it has the ability to sort by user, author, etc... keeps record of what you opened last so you don't have to reload the list. This is otherwise a very nice manager for documents and a keeper but again, it needs a few improvements stability wise. show Review details
Impressive 5 stars by Nicholas Nov 18, 2009 (Read all my 72 reviews)
An impressive and very useful program. Benobird PDF easily manages my multitude of doc and pdf files which are scattered all over my (external) hard disks. Benobird indexes all these files and folders in a jiffy. It organizes all and retrieves specific files (nearly) with the speed of light. Very versatile. I like it. show Review details
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