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A good program. 4 stars by Mike132 Nov 16, 2009 (Read all my 18 reviews)
I agree that this program shows bit to much caution.But that's not a necessarily bad thing. I check each of the things found individually until I'm certain the setting match with I want done. After some fine tuning I can say this program work just as I like it and doesn't vary from it.Using it and other programs of similar nature I find them very effective in combination. Even as a stand alone it cleaned things other simply missed. show Review details
Useless 1 stars by Williy1 Sep 01, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
A big disappointment it was. This is everything but safe. Well, O.K. it can be told about 80% safe if you use the lowest level. But not even then. So, whats the use of it? I find their approach much too stuck-up that scan result is grouped only into two sections, registry junk and registry errors. Where are the sections for e.g. font, active X etc. I didnt dare delete a single key. I made 6 scans consecutively without deleting a single registry key and the results were different, let alone once it even froze during the scan. All freeware registry cleaners have better feature set and do better job and they even come with reg defrag. show Review details
Good and safe - a bit too safe... 3 stars by Henry8 Jun 06, 2009 (Read all my 37 reviews)
I've hoped to find a program that would clean my registry and my temp/unnecessary files, so I wouldn't need several programs. My hopes were high here, but unfortunately no... Comparing my old programs with jv16, the result on the registry side was that my old program showed 179 faults, whereas jv16 had 130 - not a big difference... but on the unnecessary files side the result was, with default values, 2223 vs. 104 for jv16 - that rose to 2211, when I used the most aggressive level. It might be ok for me but with the sinister, almost apocalyptic warnings they give, no ordinary people dare to use that level. What's the use of a vacuum cleaner sucking 100 out of 2200 grains of sand on your floor? ... and just because the salesman told you not to use more than 20% effect? A dummy salesman, I would say. Otherwise, a very good program. show Review details
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