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S10 password vault 5 stars by bobedazzler119 Jul 11, 2016
Thank you S10 for a user-friendly tool that makes storing passwords and accessing favourite sites a breeze. Obviously developed with the novice in mind, this program can be such an asset for anyone - beginner to boffin. A great addition to the toolbox. show Review details
Great password manager 5 stars by ka8jim174 Jul 11, 2015
I have used another Manager for many years. There is no more support,so I found this one. Is real easy to ad data, and great for signing in to Web sites etc. I hope when Windows 10 comes on line, this will work with it.Thank you for a great Password Manager Jim show Review details
Unbelievably rare value 5 stars by kuhlbreaz271 May 07, 2013
I use this software multiple times every day. It allows me to use more secure passwords without having to memorize them which means I can have a different, high security password for every site I use. I don't need to type in my passwords repeatedly which saves me time and improves security. The author offers it for free without constant donation nags, time limits, withholding basic features, attaching it to unwanted garbageware or even blitzing you with advertising. Honestly, people frequently demand 10 times as much or more for programs that are less useful, less well written and never updated. In short, I honestly can't remember the last time I paid 5 dollars for something as useful and easy to use as this. I also have to remark that it's so refreshing to find someone who uses no underhanded marketing or money-grabbing schemes that it would be worth the 5 bucks just to reward such honorable behavior in an environment that is almost completely devoid of it. show Review details
I use the portable version 5 stars by lev.vyskubov473 Jan 27, 2013
I use portable version of S10 PW on USB for my home computer and for notebook. Program works fine, Russian interface is useful for me. I had had the same problem as DeniseMW, but now I set cursor at login field and PW work correctly. The only lack is in passwords print, font is too small (at least for me) and there is no possibility to tune fields width. In some Web services I have long passwords (16-20 symbols) and I can't change predefined passwords. So in hard copy long passwords aren't printed in a full size. So my interface rating is only 4. show Review details
Secure, functional & flexible 5 stars by AuzzyDownUnder Jul 13, 2012
I'm no computer geek and I was able to get this software up and running on my Windows7 64bit PC. Lots of smart features in this software. Does everything it claims to do quite well. I've tried many other password managers but they seem to fall short. With this program I have set up multiple vault files each with a unique master password, one for me and one for my wife. We can choose to auto log into our bank accounts without having to remember or reveal passwords. I like having the option to create custom fields and I like the way it extracts the original icon from the website address to use as a visual aid for your new account. There is now a companion app for my Android phone with a synchronization feature. It just keeps getting better. Try it out for yourself. show Review details
Great to store passwords but 2 stars by DeniseMW Apr 06, 2011
After adding about 6 websites, on auto launch it would put the user name and password up in the explorer address bar instead of on the web page in the appropriate spaces. I could find no difference in my account entry technique to explain why some worked and some didn't, and with no support, forums etc I have no way to fix the problem. So until I find a more functional password manager this will do to just store them securely. Otherwise I think it would be a great program well worth the small donation fee requested. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Apr 14, 2012: This issue was addressed in v4.0 - it would occur only when an account was set up to use the "Auto" login option without having a window title specified (in the field "Use this account if the window title contains"). A window title is now required if you use the Auto option to make sure that the window is ready before it autotypes the username/password.
Nice and simple 5 stars by RMc-Canada Jan 13, 2011
Nice and simple with a total lack of everything and the kitchen sink shoved down your throat design. that's why I love it. show Review details
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