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So easy and useful 5 stars by amerifax Jul 31, 2019 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I wish I could get a hold of the 2 really bad reviews and talk them into trying CintaNotes again. I have tried so many note programs over the past 20 years with only 2 that come to close to my requirements. One is OneNote which is an entirely different class and I use it all the time. But when I need something fast, notes &URL's, CintaNotes is in its own class, top of the class. Within an hour I was using it to my complete needs. 3 hotkeys and away I go. Ctrl+ALT+F12 - Open CintaNotes ()Instantly Ctrl+Shift+F12 - Open New Doc, that I use for Notes & URL's. Hit Save when done, providing I changes something. Shift+Alt+U - Create a URL within your Select text that describes the URL. Now you don't even need a manual. How simple is that? I'll take full advantage of CintaNotes in time. But for now, Fast Notes and URL's. Yes, no bookmarks all over my computers. Oh-And I can dictate my text notes using Dragon. Try that with most of your other note programs. This entire note was dictated using Dragon and CintaNotes. I hate typing. show Review details
No use to me without drag'n'drop. hangs. 1 stars by bolgwrad Jun 08, 2016 (Read all my 20 reviews)
I do a lot of text work that involves compiling a new file from several source text files. Something for which CintaNotes would be suited, don't you think. Well it would if you could sit there with a few open folders and simply drag and drop text into a new file, but with CintaNotes you can't. It also hangs if I try to 'insert new note' from the menu. Disappointing. show Review details
The best tool for students and writers 5 stars by rafal765 Feb 15, 2016
As a student and writer, I am forced to collect huge amounts of notes. With CintaNotes I finally order my notes. CintaNotes is the ideal tool for collecting notes. Using the tabs, you can easily separate the work from education and home affairs. The program has an automatic backup and synchronize with, so you do not have to fear for your persistence notes. Security can be enhanced by a password. Tags allow you to easily classify notes, and attachments never SAND not misplaced important documents. Today learn a simple keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F12" because it will be your future, making notes. No more rewriting. Select any text in your web browser and you click CTRL + F12 and your note is ready before you can blink. show Review details
Best notetagging software i have found. 5 stars by cnf_1981351 Sep 11, 2015
I am very picky about my tagging needs. The popular apps don't meet my needs at all. They are too bulky for me personally. CintaNotes is absolutely the best notetagging software I have found. It is clean and simple. The designer seems very in tune with the customers and always wanting feedback and ways to make it even better. It comes with a 10 day free trial which makes all the difference for me. You should at least try to 10 day trial. You never know what you might find. I am not affiliated with the designers. I am a new customer that is very thankful for this software and want to make it easier for someone else to be just as thankful as I am. Chelsea F. show Review details
It only keeps getting better!! 5 stars by LadyoftheForest Mar 23, 2015
I have been a CintaNotes user almost from the beginning, and have made sure to have it on all my computers. it's lightweight, easy to setup and use. Having the ability to have multiple databases is perfect for home and office. It works right from a flash-drive with no problems, and synchronizes with your computer databases with no issues. Fantastic value for the pro version, and I will never be without my CintaNotes. show Review details
Very useful 4 stars by orodeshah194 Jan 14, 2015
Well, I am taking notes for a long time, so I have checked many note taking programs, this one is special. 1) it is light 2) it is fast 3) you have great shortcut keys 4) for me the best was and is their support team, they respond you in few hours ... show Review details
Great notecatcher 5 stars by mnf100021 Dec 26, 2013
For the capture of notes for later processing, this software cannot be beaten. I have used it for many years (the free version) and never had problems with it. It just works! Fast, simple capture; searching; a record of webclips is also kept automatically so you can navigate back to the original web page. 10 out of 10. show Review details
Just a great software ... 5 stars by manko44g523 Jun 17, 2013
Best idead ever and it's getting better all the time. It makes life very easy to enter anything, but even better to find it! Well done CintaNotes. Highly recommended! show Review details
Love it! 5 stars by Warhorse Feb 13, 2013
The lite (free) version is so great I spent the money and bought the license. Absolutely love it, easy to use, easy to read, easy to find anything I've taken notes on. either searching by all words, just title and multiple other ways. Would buy the license again over just to have it!! show Review details
Now with simplenotes sync! 5 stars by danielson Dec 19, 2012 (Read all my 7 reviews)
The program is a gem! Adding SimpleNotes sync and tabs have made it a definite keeper. show Review details
Great note taker 4 stars by gimpguy Jul 10, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This little gem definitely has some easy maneuvering and while a small app, has plenty of options. I too wish I could throw in a screenshot. What's great is the fact it can keep things sorted, tagged, etc... backup when need be and portable. When I need to look for a specific note, I simply search the title or whatever you are there. My dream team... Ditto clipboard manager, PicPick screen shot capture and CintaNotes. Between the 3, you can capture, keep, note, and store near anything. There is still some room for improvement and there are other great note takers out there but I like the interface on CintaNotes and it's been my main note app for a while, a must try. show Review details
Note your life with ease 5 stars by talapantas Jul 09, 2012 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Going paperless nowadays is becoming more and more difficult when rough drafts are scattered like littered paper on my desktop screen. I am really stressed with the idea that I have to sort out my own garbage just so to find what I need to get back to...much like what I am towards my tangible documents until I found Cintanotes. I just so love the tagging feature sorted out alphabetically right on its sidebar that I only need to tag my note at least "a" word that would best describe it so I could easily get back to it at later time. With its in-built database search, so long with windows' recent files and folders and whole index search only to find a piece of scratch I almost forget but urgently need. It was even made simpler with its clip and tag function with just a key-combi. This not only saves me a few more mouse clicks but also a lot of time and frustration specially when things are getting urgent and oh! I can also bring it in my flashdisk too! Really great piece of software. I just hope that it could somehow support cloud sync but the basic feature is really enough for me. Hands up to developers. :) show Review details
Seamlessly integrated into Windows 5 stars by Brunel99 Apr 23, 2012 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is the tool I always needed. Capturing text from the web or pdf documents with all the source of that information kept for reference is essential for any research or article I am working on. Cintanotes does this for me without my even realizing it. It fits with Windows so fast and smooth, it is no different to using the Alt+PrintScr whenever I need to capture a screenshot. In fact, that is the only downside, with cintanotes I can't capture, store and use screenshots and other images. Hopefully though that is coming soon. show Review details
Have used it for more than a year 4 stars by jbauer68 Apr 20, 2012 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I have used Cinta for some time now, not every day, but for certain projects where I collected references from other websites. The program has steadily improved without changing the overall way it worked. As of the latest version, they now offer a commercial option which adds some additional features. I don't really need those features, but since I like the app and would hate to see it go away, I may just spend the 10 bucks (wouldn't pay a dime more though :-). show Review details
Hassle free awesome note taking application 4 stars by l_garber10 Apr 12, 2012
CintaNotes is a software application I have been using since its creation. I am a big fan. I have regularly updated it and watched new features added with each use new release. I use a plethora of notes software from the simple e.g. Stickies to the complex e.g. Task Coach but CintaNotes has always been a mainstay as other apps have been installed and uninstalled from the computers I use. CintaNotes allows quick and easy creation of notes as well as categorization, tagging and searching of those notes and this is just the beginning! Better still it is a small program with minimal memory/resource use and it's portable! I really cannot recommend it enough. Once you get and use it you will wonder how you lived without it. show Review details
Excellent note keeper 5 stars by Tweetson2 Sep 20, 2009 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I've used this program to organize all my notes in one place. It saves me time in searching for HTML code to recipes or any notes saved. I like that it puts a link to the website I've copied information from or the name of the location on my pc that I've copied something from. You can export notes of one category to be put in a separate copy of the program. Simple and easy to use. show Review details
Lacking features 2 stars by urbanmonk Aug 30, 2009
This program is so sorely lacking in features compared to others that you have to assume that the pay version, mentioned in cinta's forums, will be where the resources lie. I can't see why the creator of the program would even bother otherwise. Its neither a good text editor, note taking tool, or organizational software. So with so many other free or open source options out there, why bother? show Review details
Manage those mini notes 5 stars by DoubleWitt May 28, 2009 (Read all my 5 reviews)
This is a very simple and convenient piece of software. I like it's style. OK - it doesn't have loads of features but that's the way I like it - simple. Nonetheless, it has 2 big features [tagging and search] which is very good for managing mini notes and clippings from the net. Another nice feature is that when you highlight or select text from a web page and insert it (ctrl + F12) it automatically embeds the web link into the note - select the note in the list and press F3 to go to that web page for browsing. That's a nice feature you don't see everywhere! I like this little gem! One thing should be understood; tags = categories. I'm satisfied and will be watching for updates. All I can say is: try it, it does more than you think... show Review details
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