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Best one for linux users 5 stars by alikazemkhanloo643 Aug 13, 2017
I searched entire the Internet for a pdf editor for linux, the best I could find was PDF Studio, I tried PDF Studio, and I amazed with lots of features that PDF Studio provides. I have to read a lot of old pdfs because of my college courses and I need OCR to be able to highlight the texts. I find OCR on PDF Studio very easy to use. Qoppa PDF Studio is cross platform, so I installed it on my Windows machine, too. show Review details
The best all-in-one pdf package in the market 5 stars by dhruv2193283 Mar 09, 2017
I am using Pdf Studio for about 1-2 years and found to be the best pdf software in the market. It has all the features one could ask for in a pdf application. show Review details
Excellent software. 4 stars by ru02976970 Aug 12, 2016
I have been looking for a replacement to Adobe Livecycle. PDF Studio was an excellent find since it does what I need to get done and plus it is a cross-platform software which makes it awesome (I run Linux on my laptop and windows on the school office computer). show Review details
Cross platform solution for pdf users 5 stars by iwillneverstop Jun 14, 2016 (Read all my 25 reviews)
I always like cross-platform apps. Almost no learning curve when switching between operating systems. This app provides me the ability to manipulate pdf files (add, edit, delete, ...) as well as the OCR functionality for multiple languages (including English and Japanese). show Review details
Best pdf editor for linux 5 stars by ibull977 May 12, 2016
For me, I dual-boot both Windows and Ubuntu on every single computer of mine, so I have the need to find a single PDF solution under both platforms. I find Qoppa PDF Studio to be the best one hands down, especially version 10 and the new v11. PDF Studio probably has more than 99 of the functionality of Acrobat, but only for a fraction of the price. Better yet, you can install it on at two computers, be it Windows or Linux OS. One of the best features that PDF Studio has but is lacking in most other Acrobat alternatives is the OCR option. You can create searchable PDF directly from your scanner from within PDF Studio (install sane daemon to do this). If you don't want to deal with saned, then you can use Simple Scan to scan your documents and use PDF Studio to do the OCR work. I found that I have been using my Ubuntu for more than a week now without booting into Windows, because PDF Studio has all the features I need to deal with tons of PDF work. Thank you Qoppa for develop such an amazing software at a reasonable price, especially for us Linux users. show Review details
Good app for pdf editing at a reasonabe price 4 stars by blackravener764 Dec 29, 2014
There are great review here. For important thing is it has a native Linux version and solved one particular issue - Cropping PDF documents so I can read them on my Kindle. Other editing features are a bonus. show Review details
Real world use of pdf studio 5 stars by knsjay688 Sep 28, 2014
PDF STUDIO PRO has been the best hands down., I have an appliance repair company. this is how we send tickets to techs and have them use the android ver. to take pics of model and problems with appliances. email tickets back to the main office. or use a cloud service to sync. Don't know how we did with out it, show Review details
Great solution for linux win with ocr too 4 stars by waxwood899 Jun 11, 2014
I began using PDF Studio in 2009 and rely on it as my primary PDF tool. Though there were claims back in 2009 that it ran sluggishly, I never found so and am very satisfied with its responsive and fast performance. I originally began using it because it was, and probably still is the best PDF editor for Linux. The thing I like best about PDF Studio is that it is cross platform, and will allow you to switch between different computers running Windows, Mac and Linux using your license. Also, its OCR function works very well and is an easy way to get reliable and easy-to-use OCR in Linux. A few years ago PDF Studio lacked OCR capability but this was added in version 8. The OCR is based on the open-source Tesseract and is invaluable for converting scanned text into text-searchable documents. In version 9, the company added a redaction function that allows the user to remove sensitive or personal information from PDF documents. I've found situations where Acrobat is unable to open a PDF, but PDF Studio is able to open it without any problem. Its also significantly cheaper than Adobe Acrobat and other PDF solutions. Because PDF Studio been around now for years, its quite a mature, well thought-out product. The company produces portable versions of PDF Studio that run on Android and Blackberry 10 mobile phone OS as well. show Review details
Awesome - solved my ocr need in linux 5 stars by sudeep123426 May 02, 2014
One of the things that was preventing me to switch to open-source Linux (read Ubuntu) full time was the lack of a reliable OCR program. This solves it beautifully. All other features of Adobe Acrobat available here (as far as I can see) At first I had to use SimpleScan XScan to scan from my multipurpose HP and then read the .pdf in PDF Studio, but then my son helped me figure out how to get sane daemon working in ubuntu and now I can scan directly into PDF Studio. For most people this should not be a problem as they can scan with XScan Simplescan - save as pdf and do the job perfectly fine. My son is using it in Windows 7 and it works without any problems show Review details
Great if you need advanced PDF functionality 4 stars by xraydoug436 Jan 28, 2012
Pros: Extensive set of annotation and markup tools, well-designed and easily accessible. For my own uses, one of the most important that is not commonly found is adding scaled lines (like measuring scaled distances on an architectural plan), which this does very well. Cons:
Does not respond to many common trackpad gestures (zoom, shrink, for example). No undo. Summary: Overall a very nice alternative to the bloated Adobe product when you need advanced PDF functionality on the Mac, especially if you need to measure scaled distances. show Review details
Nice PDF editor for Linux and Windows 5 stars by fox_ahpfzc76 Dec 06, 2011
I've used PDF Studio for several years now and am very satisfied with its performance. Even though its JAVA, its responsive and fast. It was, and perhaps still is the best PDF editor for Linux. PDF Studio allows full editing of PDFs in Linux including highlighting and notes. Can be used in Linux and Windows so if you switch between two OS, you can continue to use PDF Studio. A new feature that I appreciate is the new version 6 supports Chinese fonts. I've found situations where Acrobat is unable to open a PDF, but PDF Studio is able to open it without any problem. The application's drawback is the lack of OCR that enables the user to create a Image on Text machine readable PDF document. PDF Studio is easy to use, allows me to add highlighting and notes to PDF documents. show Review details
Even better than the real thing - pdf studio 5 stars by LarryL Nov 19, 2011
Much easier to use than the industry standard PDF creation software. Much cheaper. Only missing a couple of features that can be had elsewhere for free anyway. Cross Platform compatible Win/Mac/Lin This is what the Linux crowd has been waiting for!! show Review details
A great product! 5 stars by haele11 Oct 21, 2009
PDF Studio Pro is a great product. I really like it. Easy download and easy to use. No issues to date. A must have! show Review details
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