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Finally found what I was looking for. 5 stars by joe461 Sep 25, 2015 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Since I had to install Windows 7 several years ago I have been looking for something to replace Roxio 6 for Multiple CD ripping to one directory. I rip audio books to one directory and let my joiner program put them all into one file by time stamp. Every program I have looked at wants to over write all the files or put them in separate directories. This program has a rename option, it also allows many other options that I have not seen on other programs. I was originally going nuts because it would not recognize my CD in the drive till I checked the NT SCSI Library box under CDR Options. show Review details
Sure and simple 5 stars by Sam_the_Man Sep 02, 2012 (Read all my 54 reviews)
This was just what I was looking for: an easy to do CD burning program. The interface is simple and logical. The burning is fast with satisfactory results each time. show Review details
It does what it's supposed to do! 4 stars by skay2005 Mar 15, 2011
I had been using Audiograbber for years, but for some reason it didn't work with my new SATA DVDCD drive. And rather than use WMP I decided to come here and check out the free programs. I dl'd and installed FairStars, and within 15 minutes I had my CD ripped, with all the files properly named in the properly named folder. It would have been even faster but I had to experiment a little with the file/folder naming option (at first I ended up with 19 separate folders). But it's pretty easy to figure out once you understand the options. I'd suggest using the "Preview" feature first, before ripping, just to make sure. The interface could be a little better (i.e. clicking right on the names to edit the artists, files on Various Artists compilation CD's, rather than having to click Ctl+E) but that's a minor concern. Like the Subject Line says -- FairStars does what it's supposed to do. And it does it quickly and easily. FairStars is now my new CD ripper. show Review details
A breath of fresh air 5 stars by ChrisL Nov 28, 2009
For reasons not to be gone into, I have lost the use of my Windows Media Player and have been looking for an alternative means of ripping my CD collection - preferably freeware. I had spent ages downloading various recommended products, most of which through either total unreliability or lack of simple features, like ID tagging, writing out titles in lowercase, being able to generate a simple artist/album path in My Music, not actually having the MP3 coder supplied (??!?), etc., were absolute crap. Then along came this one, shining like the proverbial diamond out of the manure heap. It takes care of all of the above and manages to maintain my library exactly as it was under Media Player. Oh, and it is blisteringly fast. Well done FairStars, if you can make the album data look-up automatic and add an album cover artwork download facility as well, then, for me at least, you have built the perfect product. Thanks guys! show Review details
Give this one a go!! 5 stars by johnnyb0y Oct 31, 2009
I've tried loads of rippers and this one is definitely my favorite. It has an easy to use interface, with track naming and output folder format options i.e, tracks inside album folder inside artist folder. You can set this output to whatever you want. Very nice little program! show Review details
Intuitive to use 4 stars by Sayles Aug 05, 2008 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Intuitive to use with a pleasing interface. It is fast and accurate with a variety of output options. I would like the facility to add album art and I didn't really want the subdirectory structure to split various artist albums into separate artist folders, but other than that it is definitely worth a try. show Review details
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