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Much more powerful than it first looks! 4 stars by Muad`Dib May 15, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
While this is simply a four-function calculator (with memory), its paper-tape display is surprisingly sophisticated. Not only does it display recent calculations on a simulated paper-tape, you are able to DIRECTLY edit that paper-tape. For example, you are calculating a list of numbers (balancing your checkbook?), and the total just doesn't seem right. You look at the list, and see that one of your entries was slightly off. With CCCalc, you can change that entry (even a single digit in that entry), and the total will automatically be recalculated. Now THAT`S powerful! It also has the ability to export your calculations (via copy/paste) to an external file, so you're able to keep a permanent record of the transaction. Try this program for a little bit and test out the various options. You'll see how useful it can be. Let's hope they can add more math functions in a future version (add enough of them, and I'd be willing to pay for it!). show Review details
My favorite calculator 5 stars by AnjanOleti May 09, 2009
I was looking for a calculator which is lightweight, fast, easy to use, with a neat history, without complicated functions... This one, perfectly suits my needs. Thanks!!! show Review details
Nice graphics, but.... 2 stars by ianmacm May 19, 2008 (Read all my 174 reviews)
CCalc tries to do something unusual by portraying the calculations as they would appear on a sheet of paper. To be honest, a standard calculator screen is easier to use and I did not enjoy using the program. show Review details
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