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Great! 5 stars by darkocean May 01, 2012 (Read all my 36 reviews)
Just what I need My typing has gotten so bad I have to look at the keyboard and I make may typos. To bad typing hurts my fingers. OW! I must be getting old.. show Review details
Very nice 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 17, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was very impressed with this. I type fairly fast, however, over time my typing has become a bit muddled. I do a lot of graphics work and other things which has a lot of hot key work or other ways of entering data. That said, I need a refresher every so often and this is delivering just fine. I didn't realize just how "out of practice" I am. So far I didn't feel the need to customize anything and I'm just following right along. It is a very basic, bland typing application but even those with a fancier look still boil down to one thing, your typing ability. I do wish there was an option to change the sound file, I looked but didn't see one. Of course you could potentially replace the .wav file in the directory but I hope it comes with an option in the future to simply pick your own .wav file without a need to replace and rename the one included. I like sound but found the bad.wav file a bit annoying. Other than that, it's very quick when handling keystrokes and seems to do what it's made to do, help you type faster. With a few improvements, I would give this a 5. show Review details
A little dry, but . . . 4 stars by MrJaw69 Aug 05, 2010 (Read all my 34 reviews)
. . . then again, how interesting can a typing tutor really be? I was impressed with the straightforward design of the interface: I basically installed it, chose my lesson, and got busy. Having said that, however, the software really didn't fulfill my needs. I've been typing for years but developed some bad habits that need correction, most noticeably, incorrect figuring on the backspace key. I downloaded this software because the description says that the lessons are configurable. Unfortunately, the backspace key is integrated into the software so it can't be added as a key press in the custom tutorials. (Why being able to fix a typing mistake in tutorial software is necessary is a mystery to me.) I think if you need a heavy duty refresher, or are just learning to type, this software would do the trick. It just didn't work for my purposes. show Review details
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