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No vision 2 stars by gimpguy Aug 14, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I personally didn't like this at all. As stated, the 3-D is nothing more than eye candy and in my case, couldn't move anything around, holding shift did nothing. It took way too long to load the images into the 3-D panels and the whole idea seems based around ads and Flickr. Editing was nothing special and I'm sorry, but I feel this is nothing more than slow, quirky, bloated image manager with a twist. The idea could be a good one in general but I don't think sights were set on functionality here, again, more towards advertisement as seems is the case. Well, it's free and some may enjoy it. show Review details
Decent features but slow and confusing 4 stars by jbauer68 May 19, 2012 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Overall, Vision has a decent set of editing features with several enhancements, filters and effects. It can also help you create greeting cards and share image via Flickr etc. The 3-D features appear to be nothing but (useless) eye candy that only slows down image browsing and isn't nearly as intuitive as, let's say, on your iPhone. Overall a nice achievement but I would not use it on a regular basis. It has several good, even some very good features but it doesn't really excel at anything. show Review details
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