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Recovery ok 3 stars by gimpguy Jul 21, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I felt this did a great job at recovering (things that are immediately deleted that is) and had a really rough time with any overwrites. Easeus is a good company, they have a lot of good software and this was no exception but still not as good as others. The actual file percentage of recovery wasn't as good as should be. I rank it up there, slightly better than Recuva and others but still not as good as Pandora Recovery for sure. All in all it's a great recovery tool. show Review details
Restored files with folder and names intact 5 stars by rembrandt Jul 15, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Accidently deleted hundreds of movie backups (DVD). Tried a few other programs and got unnamed DVD files (IFO's, BUP's, VOB's) which make up DVD's. Not knowing what is what I was unable to put the files back into a named folder. After trying EASEUS DFR I am sold. Recovered all but a few that were most likely written over. These were recovered with Named Folders and files exactly how they were originally on the drive. show Review details
Worked a treat! 4 stars by cjp101010 Jul 01, 2010
I downloaded EASEUS after trying about 5 other programs to recover about 10 photos that got corrupted on transfer from digital camera to PC. All the others either did not work with Windows 7, or gave you thumbnails only and asked you to upgrade to paid version to actually recover the photos. I downloaded EASEUS and not only did it recover the thumbnails much quicker than the others, it also recovered the full pictures perfectly. If you've deleted off a camera accidentally, definitely try this one. show Review details
Life saver 5 stars by DawnValorum Jun 20, 2008
Never EVER type rd C: in a DOS window... EASEUS, you saved my life and I recommend you to anyone who needs to recover files! Best file I've ever downloaded! show Review details
4gb files deleted by Vista - recovered! 5 stars by SERGITO May 16, 2008 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Once again troubles with Vista [I really hate that OS...]: files copied with Win XP SP2 on a HD SD 4 GB can be seen but not cut or copied on Vista. Vista asks to check the files system of the SD card, and deleted some files without any reasonable reason -sorry for the resonant sounding words-. It was late at night, very tired and I just want my files back fast and easy. Snapfiles [my old beloved Webattack] and EASEUS does the job in seconds. All my files back and working good! I love freeware, MS bad guys... I have paid MS OS's about seven times through my life, It always makes more troubles. I'll come back to MS-W-XP SP3 and forget about VISTA's nightmare. Thanks snapfiles! show Review details
Worked well - and it was free 4 stars by Patrick832 Apr 27, 2008
I needed to recover an entire directory lost through an idiotic, misdirected shift+delete. This software worked perfectly. I was able to recover the entire directory and all files in a matter of minutes. I was going to pay $40 for a commercial program but got tired of waiting (hours) for the e-mail with software license key. Easus was downloaded, installed and my files recovered in about 5 minutes. show Review details
Did not work well for me 2 stars by ianmacm Apr 06, 2008 (Read all my 174 reviews)
The interface is ok, but the recovered files were in poor condition and did not open properly. The program claims to recover deleted files only, and not to be a full data recovery tool. There are other freeware file recovery tools on Snapfiles which are worth a look, as EASUS Deleted File Recovery is a bit of a disappointment. show Review details
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