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Great - works on both ntfs and fat32 disks!! 5 stars by johndunford07625 Aug 09, 2012
Without a doubt, the best search tool I've found so far. show Review details
Just brilliant, thanks! 5 stars by filesnips Jul 22, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Built its index really fast. Finds files really fast. Tidy well designed interface. Lots of setup options, allowing you to associate programs with file types for specific actions such as Edit, Execute and View for example. It only took me a few minutes to set up, run a few searches, see how good it was and immediately decide to put a copy on my other PC as well. It doesn't appear to search file contents but I don't really want that, and certainly not if that would make it a lot slower and eat a lot of processing power like some other desktop search programs I've tried in the past. Thanks again to the author. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Dec 20, 2009: Thank you very much - and well, sorry for not posting any new versions. I promise to return to Finder when I m finished with obligatory stuff. Don t ask anything beginning with `when`, `which year` or `why don t you just` :) Plenty of free alternatives are available, I must catch up with the trends and there is a lot to do with Finder anyway. I promise I won t give up Finder. No way.
Light, fast and in full development 4 stars by jextuens Sep 13, 2008 (Read all my 38 reviews)
DK Finder is a FREEWARE PC file search utility that works fast because it makes an index. It's much less resource consuming than Google Desktop Search or Windows Search 4.0. An all new version 3.0 is coming up with new programming added functionality and ease of use. Keep your eye on this utility ! show Review details
Truly amazing! 5 stars by Paddy_60 Mar 10, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
A truly amazing little application, and Freeware to boot! Meets my requirements perfectly, and by far the best of its type I've used...well done! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Mar 11, 2008: Wow :) Thanks. I hope you ll be far more impressed by the next version!
Finally what i was looking for 5 stars by gregley Feb 17, 2008
Finally what i was looking for. Here is a simple, small and fast program for users and programmers. I love the shortcuts and the speed. If you are tired of Google desktop, Microsoft indexing service and even Copernic this is for you. In my opinion (I am somewhat a geek) for everyday use you don't need all the preview option all other indexing engines have. I know what files I have (at least I think I know), the problem is where? This program finds it efficiently. Result filtering works like a charm. I hope it will support drag-n-drop in the future to make it more complete. Give yourself a day or two to get used to the shortcuts. For those oldskool programmers out there who started out in MS or PC DOS :) this little software is instant happiness. Keep up the good work. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 18, 2008: Thank you. Drag and drop is on the way, that s a very good idea. (And yes, maybe some 8086+ support will be added to run on PC/XT :)
It'a a winner. 5 stars by Shadow Feb 16, 2008 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I've been using "Locate32" for years and it's a fine program, but I think "DK Finder" has it beat. The smart index and right click features are great. show Review details
The best file searching software 4 stars by Prabhakara Feb 15, 2008
I just downloaded the program. It was a breeze downloading and installing the program.The interface is slightly confusing because unless you have indexed your drive,your search won't yield any results. But the indexing was very fast and once indexed the search worked like magic. I would give five stars for the program considering the whistles and the bell the program has and it is free. Please keep up the good work! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 16, 2008: Thank you :) It s good to hear. My email is - tell me if anything is wrong. I just can`t wait to show you the 2.2 version which has a much faster search and several additional little tools that you ll like. But if there s anything else to include, don t hesitate to mail me! (Subject: "Finder", it`s important)
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