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Needs work 3 stars by Scientific_Frontline Jan 09, 2012 (Read all my 23 reviews)
Was a little disappointed with "Secure Cam" inability to access the web cam settings. One would have to set the cams advance settings through another program. e.g. all my cams were set to a manual exposure to compensate for low light outside night viewing recording. That setting of course was no good for day viewing recording and no way to correct reset this from this program's interface. (or it was well hiding) show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 15, 2012: Unfortunately yes the IP cameras hardware specifics will have to be configured outside of the program, only the DirectX cameras have hardware config access. This is largely due to IP cameras not having a standardized way to deal with remote settings, some can push XML, some can only use a web interface, ect. Where DirectX has implemented a standardized way to access camera settings. Some programs may offer remote settings for IP cameras, but each camera must be coded for support individually, and tested individually. Where SecureCam2 is more designed for universal IP camera compatibility, I hope this explanation helps, thanks!
Great! 5 stars by clionyc Jul 08, 2009
Great little utility. Does it all neatly and without a fuss. Took a second to figure out how to use the bare bone interface (use the right click). show Review details
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