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Not only a backup utility 5 stars by maoy.sp Sep 25, 2011
I have been using Uranium since 4 years and I often download new versions from your website, that's really clear and always updated. Now I would like to express my opinion about this great software. As I said, I've been using it since 4 years, and it never failed a backup. It's perfect if you have a NAS or external hard drives, very fast, a small program but definitely solid. Last but not least, it's not only a simple backup application, but also includes many useful functions, such as file encryption, running of external programs and scripts, zip compression and a lot of options. It's worth to be tried. show Review details
Outstanding. 5 stars by finx898 Apr 05, 2010
Two seconds to install it, clean interface, no weight on the system. I was searching for a program to transfer a large amount of data across my network, so I needed a very fast and reliable program. I found Uranium and I was impressed by its efficiency. In a completely free program, I've also a great set of options for e-mail notifications, the log files are very detailed and clear, and there are many many features for a fine tuning of all tasks. One of the best freeware data transfer utility. show Review details
A strong program, flexible like a swiss knife 5 stars by jtania73 Apr 05, 2010 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Since I've installed Uranium for the first time, my impression is of a very solid program, first of all because of its installation, that is small and fast. Then I very appreciated the large number of features and options. Practically Uranium can be used to do many kinds of data transfer tasks and it does them with good accuracy and speed. I think Uranium is one of the best programs in its category to make data copies, also thanks to its low impact on the system. A wizard to create the backups could be useful for newbies, hope it will be added in future releases. Although some useful features are only in the commercial versions, the freeware version remains an optimal and fast choice for whom needs to replicate data on multiple hard drives and in the network. show Review details
Disappointing 1 stars by madmik Jan 19, 2010 (Read all my 32 reviews)
The most important feature in a backup program is accuracy and Uranium seemed OK in the initial backup copy only. Unfortunately, file deletion in the destination does not occur,as there is no mirror synchronization. Subsequent backups were inaccurate,which automatically warranted an uninstall. Also there is no restore feature which is so handy. Could be useful for transferring to media,but would check accuracy first. Good features are its very fast copying and easy initial setup. show Review details
The best I`ve ever found. 5 stars by WarmDaddy Jan 28, 2009
I've been using B.U.s since 1993 and this is definitely the best I've used. The top part is for collecting your folders and files for backup and how and when you want it sent, and the lower part is the destination info. It took me a few minutes to get it configured, but when I did and filled out all the options and files and folders and destination, it took only 15 seconds. It's not hard to learn. If you work in the explorer, it's a breeze. What I like about it is that it will copy folders and files, separate. You have many choices as to what compression, if any, you want to use. I had about 200MBs and it took 15 seconds, using XP Pro. Total time to config and select the files and destination info, was about 20 min. And it saved the project and had a auto backup on it. After all these years I found one that does it all. show Review details
Extremely reliable, lightweight and flexible 5 stars by TylerW Jan 16, 2009
The first thing I can say of Uranium is that it is very small. After installation it uses less than 5 MB of disk space and requires minimal system resources. When I found Uranium I was bored by other backup programs, hundreds of files installed, several processes in memory... Uranium is fast, is lightweight, and is portable! I can use it simply having the only Uranium.exe file, also from an USB pen. Finally, I think that Uranium is the most flexible backup program available (really a lot of options). After some tests I decided to advise its commercial version to the company where I actually work. They found that Uranium tape backup features are outstanding! After a simple search in the internet, we concluded that Uranium is a mature program, and can be considered as a great and cheaper alternative to Backup Exec for TAPE and NAS backups, especially on Windows 2008 ntbackup is no more available. I advise everybody to try this great software! show Review details
Has a long way to go 3 stars by gimpguy Oct 17, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
The interface was put together OK, wasn't hard to figure out settings. Downside, you have to pay for some features lacking, uh.. there are way to many GOOD FREE back up utilities or PAID versions for that matter, and this one has a long way to go before I would use it, let alone pay for it. Why does it take forever for this app to load? I have no idea but that was a pet peeve. So it's not the worst and hey, this part is free, you may like it. I didn't. show Review details
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