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Powerful file and folder comparison 5 stars by topsyturvy Sep 29, 2007
I compare files on a regular basis. Doing so in DeltaWalker is a luxury compared to doing it the old way: I can indeed walk from difference to difference, I can resolve each difference on the fly, I can edit the files while comparing them. I can compare as many sets of files as I need, each set in its own tab. I can even compare a file to two other files at the same time! This is a lot of power. Oh, and when comparing folders, I can double click on a pair of files and open them for comparison. Not bad for usability, I think. show Review details
More functionality makes the price fair 5 stars by amnesiac Sep 28, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I find DeltaWalker to have a very fast return on investment because it saves my time by letting me focus on the task at hand and performing my instructions as expected. With its rich functionality (for example, comparing XML files not only as plain text but also as trees) available on multiple platforms ( lists Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux), I've finally found the means to feel at home and work productively whatever operating system I'm utilizing. show Review details
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