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Neat applet but not a full application 3 stars by brothergabriel Oct 28, 2015 (Read all my 18 reviews)
This is a Java Application that comes as a .jar file, not a regular Windows executable. It's highlight is that it can easily create geometric shapes and export them as .png and .svg files. And since it is vector, you can manipulate all of the numbers. If you have trouble running it, right-click on the .jar file and choose "open." It has an "under construction" paint palette that is supposed to allow you to colour the object. I played with this for a few minutes and exported a png file. The application lacks some features necessary to make this useful. You cannot choose the export path or filename, for example. I created two beziers in the window and exported them and they do not save their colours nor line thicknesses; there are a few other bugs like that, and my attemptz to export .svg files (on Windows 7 x64) were unsuccessful and it takes a really long time and has no status indicator. However, it I say it is neat because you can manipulate the shapes and see how they make their spiralgraph effects. I recommend this program to someone so they can play with it, although I don't find it particularly useful or show Review details
Decent 3 stars by gimpguy Oct 04, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I thought this was a decent bezier design program. Has a few design options and a decent vertices selection window where you set the number of vertices basically creating a more complicated bezier. The color options are a bit behind as well as only exporting to .svg which is OK when you use it in Inkscape but this would be nice to export to .png as well with transparency, again, export to Inkscape, you can accomplish this. You can save it as a .txt file too. The designs are decent but yes, this lacks some features. All in all, a nice free bezier designer but if you are looking for something more advanced, this will not satisfy an advanced user. show Review details
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