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I have used it for several months - great!!! 5 stars by leewmeister Feb 06, 2012 (Read all my 4 reviews)
The program offers a fine blend of automatically importing information over the internet and manual entry of data. I easily loaded my titles lists from Excel files and the program imported plenty of information from IMDB and other software. I spent quite a bit of extra time doing external searches for posters and added a lot of those manually. You can configure which fields certain information is automatically loaded into as well as create custom fields. The developer is actively supporting the software with frequent improvements and upgrades. All in all this is a very flexible and USEFUL program. Best of all, it is free! show Review details
Every option I could ever imagine 5 stars by buah06 Feb 18, 2010
I think there is no software of this kind I didn't try and wasn't disappointed after a while. Whether it was slow, unreliable, with few options, especially inefficient importing capabilities from external sources (.csv, MS Excel, other cataloging software...). And then, a month or something ago, I discovered PVD. Today I have my ca. 5500 movies imported with all online and MS Excel data and technical data about files, connected to Firebird, with every option I could ever imagine to have (custom made fields), and still discover it. And the best thing is that still there is no version 1 yet! show Review details
Excellent freeware 5 stars by miskairal Jul 04, 2008 (Read all my 29 reviews)
What a beautiful piece of software. Gives me all the info that I could want about any movie, even ones from the early 90s. I can add my own ratings which was a feature important to me. So easy to use and intuitive, no help file needed to work with it. It seems you can import from a csv or Excel file although I have not tried this. show Review details
This is by far the best software iIhave... 5 stars by BoatDRinX Jun 17, 2008
It has unbelieveble features - really anything you can think of. After you load everything in - this part takes some time, since it retrives the movie information from IMDB (and posters from Amazon), you can choose searches by pretty much anything. For example: movies which you have already seen or not, by actors, directors, genres (comedy drama action horror etc.), by IMDB rating - basically anything you can think of. I just downloaded it tonight and i spent the last few hours putting in my movies, i dont have that many (perhaps 200 or so) and i found movies that i didnt even know that i had (it can search your Hard Disc for media). The best part is that its FREE! Big thanks to whomever developed this outstanding software!! Thank you, your report has been submitted! show Review details
Best movie database at any price... 5 stars by rick4ca May 18, 2008
A powerful and reliable relational database of movies and the people associated with them. Well designed and feature rich. Imported my existing collection with ease. Unattended, downloaded all the IMDb information I wanted. Interface is well thought-out with an easy-to-read presentation, using collapsible fields and good image management. Extensive filtering, grouping, and sorting capability. Excellent filmography, awards and TV series management. Highly configurable. Expandable with import and export plug-ins. Well supported via an active discussion board, where the developer is very responsive to users. And it's FREE! show Review details
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