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Mature and essential product 4 stars by Nelson-Carvalho Dec 30, 2022 (Read all my 13 reviews)
For those who are constantly using resources to copy and move a large amount of files or folders, this program is essential, as it does not block the explorer, in addition to being much faster and more efficient, containing several pre-programmable resources. Support works great. show Review details
Teracopy updates issue 3 stars by engamrkhalilwork609 Apr 22, 2020
I was a big fan of teracopy but now using gs richcopy360 because of facing problem while moving large files, I am doing well with gs richcopy now. thanks show Review details
Good but could be better 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 15, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It's been a while since I've used TeraCopy so I thought, eh, give it another chance and seeing the high reviews I just had to test it again. First the speed test... I tested 12 gigs of files in a folder on my Kingston SSD drive, compared to Windows basic copy, and 3 other file copy softwares and again, I was disappointed in TeraCopy. 3 other copy softwares were as follows..
2 min 31 sec
2 min 45 sec
2 min 48 sec
TeraCopy... 3 min 46 sec
and if that wasn't enough, Windows basic copy beat it with 3 min 20 sec. I do personally find the speed an issue, especially as much copying as I do and large amounts, this makes a major over all difference, ESPECIALLY if I want to copy files for backing up someone's system and they need it yesterday. Another thing is, in order to get more options,you have to buy the pro version, others have plenty of options for FREE and have error checking and more than TeraCopy offers, that being said, I find no way to rate a software higher which has less features, even in the paid for version with others doing a better job and are completely free, not free versions. Is it still better than using Windows basic copy? By all means and would definitely recommend using it over that but there are far better out there. I don't just rate software because I like something or haven't used others, I do test it and compare completely before judging any software and ran this 3 times to be sure. show Review details
A perfect improvement to windows basics 5 stars by Henry8 Apr 20, 2013 (Read all my 37 reviews)
With ever improving speed of computers, like the introduction of SSD and ever faster memories, with multiple core processors, I don't see the speed to be the most crucial part. For most users Windows is fast enough. The most crucial part is in safety of copying, and the possible detection of problems flaws in copies. In this, Teracopy acts well, like CD DVD programs do, while checking the burnt product. Anyways, it's fast, reliable, through the years I've come to trust it, and I sure think it's worth a recommendation. One commentator noted that it "Prompts to replace files" - all I can say is that any proper copying program will do that if they recognize an attempt to copy a file with the same name. You need to rename? show Review details
Best copymove tool. Catches file copy errors 5 stars by JohnTesla Mar 08, 2013 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I have been using this for a couple years, and now all friends and family are using it too. It's the best copy/move/replace tool I've seen. The best feature is the checksum capability. You need to activate this in the Preferences Menu. This allows the program to automatically check that the copied file is indeed an exact duplicate. Teracopy has been invaluable to catch those rare but potentially disastrous copy errors, where the copied file isn't an exact duplicate. I also recommend you change the preferences to a light blue and pale yellow for the "progress bar/thermometers" so you are able to read the text better. You can also turn the audio "ding" on or off in the preferences. I'm very impressed. When it encounters problems, it doesn't stop dead light windows normal copier, but continues copying everything it can. It will bebuzz that something's wrong. Then you can press the "cleanup" button and see a good report on what's wrong. It will tell you if 255 characters, directories are nested too deep, and many other potential filesystem errors and problems problems. If it finds identical file names, you can individually go through and click yes or no, or you can choose the third column which is to automatically replace everything. This is a fantastic tool for updating large numbers of files. This is easy to use, easy to set up, and I'm baffled any other users can't get this working for them. show Review details
My choice 5 stars by Scientific_Frontline Oct 04, 2012 (Read all my 25 reviews)
As a Pro user, I couldn't be more pleased with the software and customer support. My choice for CopyMove handler on my PC and over our LAN network. Some minor changes I would like to see implemented, and will discuss with CodeSector. Highly recommended. show Review details
Prompts to replace files. 2 stars by chacbele706 Jan 27, 2012
Simple, I tried to copy a folder which has many folders within with duplicate family pictures in them. One folder within was called "this folder could be duplicate images". You know, with backups over the years you have so many folders with duplicate pictures of your family in them in your attempt to make sure you don't lose any... Anyway, I tried to copy that big pictures' folder to my local drive and it kept asking me if I wanted to replace an image with another. Apparently the two images are the same image, per the name, but in different folders. So I didn't continue. I wish Teracopy would stick to just copying and not to finding duplicates before copying. I was staring at the screen not knowing what to do. These are my daughters' pictures since she was a baby. I could press "skip" the copying hundreds of times, but that will be a pain later on looking for hundreds of pictures, comparing them, etc. I just want to COPY. I uninstalled Teracopy. Hopefully they can fix this issue. show Review details
Solved my problem! Highly recommended! 4 stars by redeemed Jan 26, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Solved my problem in copying 4G+ of files from USB to local HD for employees viewing needs. Files contained long filenames and some Japanese characters wich standard WindowsEexplorer can't copy. Thanks to this software, problem solved! Kudos and thank you guys! show Review details
The best thing since sliced bread! 5 stars by pepoluan Dec 04, 2007 (Read all my 23 reviews)
I had originally wanted to try using "CH", which also claims to (1)Speed up file transfers, and (2)Skip problem files yet continuing to copy. But I forgot the program's name. So in desperation, I googled around, and lo! I found TeraCopy. I tried installing it, and... it's amazingly fast! Later on I did find CH's webpage... but the FAQ said there's a bug with CH that really freaks me out as the bug may cause me to lose files... I believe I'm safe with TeraCopy. It really make transferring files between PCs in my place real fast and real painless. And its integration with Windows Explorer is just... plain perfect! Two thumbs up for the developer! Oh, and it's actually free for home use. The Pro (paid) version does not offer anything that I need. show Review details
Never use windows to copy anything again 5 stars by Eonasdan Jun 07, 2007 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This program is particularly useful when coping larger files as well large amount files. This program is especially handy when coping from a dead hard drive since it automatically skips dead/corrupt files. show Review details
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