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Been using it for a long time 5 stars by pcs800 May 04, 2010 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I work in an IT situation where we access over 300 pc's over our network via VNC every day, but with other VNC apps, you have to configure firewalls, etc. So at home, when (for example) my sisters kid virus's up her pc, I just have her start ShowMyPC, read me the password it gives and I'm in, no firewall config/port forwarding. I have not noticed any slow speeds with this app and have used it with hundreds of remote pc's. For free, you can't beat this one. show Review details
This is the bomb!!! 5 stars by SinisterCAIN Sep 15, 2007
I have used this software many times, behind heavy firewalls, and have been able to either view my client, or have them view me with no complications. It is super easy to use, and has zero configuration. Because it is an exe you can safely run it from a USB drive. I recommend this software to anyone that has to support a client, or wishes to have someone assist them with their computer. Happy connecting! show Review details
Really works great 5 stars by hal_pha Apr 30, 2007
We use it with approximately 220 sites over the world and it really works great. We use our own ssh server on Linux. It allow us to take the control of our 220 sites without having to modify anything on each (no router configuration) the port used (443) pass through Firewall ! This FREE product is as good (better for some) commercial one !!! show Review details
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