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Not for Audio CDs 3 stars by toomey092587438 Oct 08, 2013
I have been trying to recover music from an audio cd (not an mp3, a commercial album) that has a couple of problem areas due to scratches. I opened up CD Recovery Toolbox Free after a quick and painless install, and I didn't even have to look through any menus, it was there waiting to get started... the only problem is, it just recovered .CDA files, which are useless without the cd (which skips)... Overall, it is a quick, light, user-friendly program, but it lacks any kind of refinement or control. show Review details
Just perfect! 5 stars by kineret595 Sep 04, 2012
After spending nearly two days having win 7 jam over files on an old CD which is slightly deteriorating (has holes in the silvery layer in places), trying to recover my files - it occurred to me to look for a better solution online. I downloaded this and simply told it to copy the files from the CD to the same location as my previous attempt at recovery is saved. It's zooming over everything, skipping the files that are already there, restoring the ones that I had to skip over previously. Just beautiful! I love this! Highly recommended and a great headache saver! show Review details
Priceless 5 stars by Cruiser Jan 23, 2011
I have purchased some of the best recovery tools money can buy, this product out did them all and it's FREE. I had a data damaged cd with 1125 irreplaceable photos the best I could recover was 783. By chance I got this program 2hrs before I exploded with the loss of these photos dating back to the 1900's of my great grand and grand parents as well as my parents when they were kids. This program recovered them "ALL" but 5, it only took just on an hour. All i can say is this program is "priceless" show Review details
Totally awesome, and easy! 5 stars by Pyrestriker Feb 23, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Just a few simple clicks is ALL IT TOOK! One of my backup DVDs had some water spilled on it, and because of the high chlorine content, began to actually corrode the surface of my disc to the point where Windows XP/Windows 7/Puppy Linux/Dreamlinux would not read it... I found this program, and so far have had a great deal of my files recovered. Not quite all, but most of them (About 98%) show Review details
Great run through on tests! 5 stars by IAmWEC Jan 18, 2009
I put about 500 pictures on a CD and then purposely scratched it with a pocket-knife. I then ran it through by copying through Windows and got 20 of the 500 pictures back. I then ran the CD with this program and go back 485 pictures. This really works! Can't believe I have thrown away so many CD's with scratches on them when the answer is FREE!! show Review details
Just the cure! 3 stars by random1202 Oct 08, 2007
Needed to read and recover a movie on a cd-rw. Just the cure! show Review details
Good product 5 stars by LJSWales Sep 21, 2007 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Simple and easy to use which means the developer put in a lot of effort. I had reason to use this as I had a DVD which would not load. DVD Shrink would not rip it. So I tried CD Recovery Toolbox. Depending on how bad and many problems the DVD has depends on how long the recovery will take. For a difficult DVD it could be a long time. The upside is most of the content can be recovered ok you lose structure of the DVD but the Vobs can be read manually which is better than nothing. Useful and well designed bit of software. show Review details
Fantastic! 5 stars by Attika Apr 15, 2007
It works very well! I had a bad quality DVD with scratches on it and was able to recover the needed nearly 4GB data from it. Was fast and easy. Thanks for everyone who made this program! show Review details
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