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Pretty much best of breed 5 stars by climb4fun891 Apr 14, 2014
I can confirm all positive comments. I strong recommend this pice of software. show Review details
My favourite sql app 4 stars by farcalled Dec 23, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have been using HeidiSQL for quite some time. Drawn by the ease with which I can connect to my MySQL data, I quickly fell into the habit of editing all my memo fields with this application. I also make full use of the facility with which one can import and export data. I have an array of MySQL helper apps stored away somewhere but Heidi is the only one that comes close to being useful. With it's excellent support forum, frequented by knowledgeable and unusually polite users, one can soon forget the absence of formal documentation. Updates are frequent but not time consuming. An excellent effort to bring something useful and well thought-out to the MySQL minefield. show Review details
Mysql-front lives on! 5 stars by dialeleven Jan 15, 2007
For those of you who used to (or still do) use MySQL-Front and were saddened by it's discontinued development can breathe a sigh of relief as of April 2006, the original developer revived this excellent MySQL front end under the name HeidiSQL. This would explain the pretty much identical interface which surprised me before I found out all the details. Same intuitive interface with compatibility for MySQL 4.x-5.x! I love it. show Review details
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