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Want data loss? 1 stars by pill828 May 18, 2015
I am surprised at how positive other reviews here are - this must result from lack of experience or lack of acquaintance with the software. EaseUS Partition Master is a crude chinese copy (some might say rip-off) of Powerquest's PartitionMagic V8.0, which was an excellent partition manager for OS up to WinXP, but which has not been updated to run under Win7 or later. At first I thought it was just clumsily implemented - functional, but with poor & ambiguous translation - for eg the distinction between RECOVER (from data loss) and RESTORE (of a backup) is critical - but is lost on them. But I now recognise it is much more dangerous than this. First, a cloned HDD (made using the Linux bootable from USB) is faulty, and requires your Win startup disk to repair it (see https:support.microsoft.comen-uskb2004518). This is quite a nuisance - dangerous only if you are a novice or lack a windows recovery disk. The killer is in the partition operations, some of which require exiting from windows and auto-running a file after reboot. I have tried this only twice, and on each occasion Partition Master failed to find the batch file it needed on reboot. On the second of these occasions I was aiming to restore the OS partition from a cloned disk created as a backup. EaseUS corrupted the partition table on the SOURCE disk, so ruining my backup. How it did this, when it should only have been reading from it, I don't know...and don't care either. Want to take risks with your data? show Review details
C drive full? Solution here. 5 stars by bassaniobroke Apr 05, 2015 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Once again sanpfiles has offered me wonderful solution. My C drive was full and I could not install any program. I badly needed adobe reader as I had to fill some forms. I came to snapfiles and found EaseUS Partition Master. I was able to merge C drive with adjacent D drive and was able to increase space in C drive. I have only used this feature but there is lot more. So far have not discovered any worm or other issue but I have refused all other program that were bundled up along with this program and only installed EaseUS partition master, and I use win XP. show Review details
Almost fun! 5 stars by gwestbound Dec 22, 2011 (Read all my 20 reviews)
I rarely have a need to create or re-size partitions. I approach the task with much fear and trepidation. EaseUS Partition Master makes it easy, almost fun! show Review details
Been using this for quite a while 4 stars by OlManRivah Oct 10, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Been using this for quite a while and really recommend this and anything from Easeus. Works flawlessly and great for partitioning when the drive already has data on it. Using it on a Win7 64bit PC with no problems. Even makes a boot disk for you. show Review details
Surprised 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 03, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, I do much partitioning from boot disks and such or from Windows 7 now and was a bit reluctant to try this but perhaps I'm getting lazy in my old age. Either case, I'm glad I did try this, it's extremely easy to partition or resize with EPM and it did a great job too, fast, easy to understand, and free. It was much better than what I thought it would be. If anyone has a hard time with partitions, you won't go wrong with this. Interface could use a few makeovers, but really, it didn't matter too much with the functionality. show Review details
Sometimes the best things in life are free. 5 stars by JohnDoe Mar 29, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Sometimes ya come across software you can't believe is free. This piece of freeware is one of those. Resized my primary partition, the same one it was installed on without a glitch. The OEM of this PC, being the wizkids that they evidently are, made the OS partition 14Gigs of a 100Gig drive. Was getting crowded and I had like 70GB's of unallocated disk sitting next to it. Being looking at this software as a poss solution to an aggravating problem. Was hesitant to use it. Didn't even read any user manual for it. Click, click ... restart. No worries of ever having the disk space low problem again. Left enough space to plop in a linux distro soon too. :D Would just say, make sure you've defragged the drive you intend to use it on and run the diskcheck that comes standard with most Microsoft software. This handled it like a champ. This box is running XP home edition with SP3. If that helps anyone. But give this software all props. A child could use it imo. Definitely takes up. Where M letcha down ... as usual somebody has to take up their slack. Excellent software. show Review details
Amazed it`s free 5 stars by Heatherette Jan 29, 2010
I thought for sure I'd have to pay to get a partition manager that could add disk space to my main drive, but this program easily converted the space with no problems whatsoever. I actually registered with Snapfiles just so I could come back and give this product an A+ review. Uninstalled it after use with no problems, very impressed with this product. show Review details
No need to reboot the computer! 4 stars by wildgoosespeeder Dec 19, 2009 (Read all my 52 reviews)
Windows XP Disk Management is very lacking compared to the Windows Vista/7 Disk Management (Administrative Tools > Computer Management). I tried various third party partitioning tools but they all required a computer reboot to apply changes. EASEUS Partition Master doesn't need to do that! You change the size of the partition and it will resize it without a reboot! Also adding partitions is easy! The interface needs to be fixed up a little bit but everything else is OK. show Review details
Did just what i wanted 4 stars by Jayday Nov 11, 2009 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Great product and did just what I wanted. Deleted three partitions then expanded the main partion to use up the unallocated space. Did this with no problem. The GUI is a bit outdated, but not a huge issue given it's free. show Review details
Great product 5 stars by EricPost Aug 06, 2009 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This is one of the best pieces of freeware you can get. I have used it to expand, to shrink, to rename, to convert logical drives to primary drives, never with a hitch. But like any partition manager remember BACK UP FILES FIRST show Review details
Good, if a little fiddly 3 stars by Rustyboy Jan 13, 2009 (Read all my 33 reviews)
This software does exactly what it says and does it well, but the downside for me is the GUI and lack of instructions in the help file as to its correct use. I fiddled and dragged my partitions until I got them exactly where I wanted them but because this took 5 moves to get it "just right", Easus performed those 5 operations. Make sure you do it in as few moves as possible, otherwise it will execute all operations, not just the final settings as I assumed. Perhaps I should have spent more time reading carefully, but the manual isn't clear on this point - I think it should either be an important warning for people to watch or make adjustments a different way. Good software though, just bear this little quirk in mind and adjust your sizes carefully. show Review details
Partitioning made easy 5 stars by TerryP Nov 30, 2008 (Read all my 87 reviews)
An excellent utility. This is probably the easiest partitioning tool I have ever used. Should be fairly simple even for novices who have a basic knowledge of disk partitions. It even runs within Windows! show Review details
If you are smart, you will get this one! 5 stars by Shodan816 Nov 28, 2008 (Read all my 43 reviews)
It's not only the best of all the partition managers I have tried over the years, but FREE on top of that! Thanks for a GREAT product and keep up the good work! show Review details
Easeus partition manager 2.1 5 stars by OldTechie47 Nov 28, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This is a great piece of software for those who need to resize a partition newly cloned hard drive with the O/S in place. Works as expected. I had no data loss. Does not allow a "Merge" but for a free program it is very good. This is not a program that I would leave on a PC for a customer. IMHO once the partitions are set up, if you are using any kind of image program, they need to be left alone. When cloning a new large hard drive, I find that I do need to go back and adjust the partition sizes. This one will also allow you to HIDE a partition. So you can image the drive to your last partition then HIDE that partition. Hidden partitions can be seen from a bootable linux disk for restore purposes. See my review of Macrium Free. show Review details
Easy to use 5 stars by AmitKB Nov 25, 2008 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I used PartionMagic before and found this one similar to that. show Review details
Very good and easy to us 5 stars by PhilJones Oct 24, 2008
I was struggling with a rather rigid piece of partition management software which I had payed for. Then I came across EASEUS in Snapfiles. The reviews looked good, so I gave it a try. I have to agree with earlier reviewers that it is a very good and easy to use piece of software, and performs all its functions without any problems. Also it is easy to understand the 'help' pdf, as well as the software interface being very intuitive. I used it on a 650 Gig external hard drive with USB2 connection. Very pleased and would highly recommend its use. show Review details
Did not work for me 2 stars by Harlan Oct 02, 2008 (Read all my 69 reviews)
I have the Pro version, and it didn't do the one thing I wanted: to shrink an existing partition and create a new partition in the newly-freed space. This is exactly the sort of unusual capability I would expect to find in a partition manager that aims to replace FDISK, and it wasn't up to the task. show Review details
You must have this 5 stars by Philipgrey Aug 21, 2008 (Read all my 12 reviews)
This program is effective,easy to use and most of all it works very well. Like another reviewer stated ' "It fills a real gap". Pity Microsoft does not think of great programs that just work without a fuss. Have used this program a lot to do backups and working boot-able copies of windows systems. Have never had one copy or boot process fail. Someone worked hard to fill the need for a partition and resizing program in windows. Excellent program. show Review details
So simple so small so easy so powerful 5 stars by Dennis57 Aug 08, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Super piece of software, a must have if you have partitions in place. Or want to add partitions to your drives. I installed it, adjusted one partition on my main HD. Deleted partitions that I had on two smaller drives. Renamed them all. Saved my work and all this took less then 5 min and I had never used this program before. show Review details
Fills a need 4 stars by MrJaw69 Aug 07, 2008 (Read all my 34 reviews)
Partitioning isn't something most of us do a lot, and Windows doesn't seem to have a way to easily do this, so this software really helped me out. The interface is rather vague. I had to use a help file and tinker, but I got it to do what I wanted. show Review details
Worked perfectly! 5 stars by rockiami Apr 07, 2008
It is very easy and quick! It worked perfectly on my computer! show Review details
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