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Nice but the lite version is far less useful! 3 stars by compuable Mar 28, 2012 (Read all my 11 reviews)
I actually used Xplorer2 (as well as its predecessor: 2xExplorer) "Lite" version; a dual-pane file manager for Microsoft Windows operating systems, for several years and enjoyed it very much as an alternative to Windows Explorer... However, I gradually became disenchanted that the more advanced features are restricted to the Pro version. For example: As opposed to the professional version; this lesser version basically lacks customizability and any "search command." Additionally, Check Duplicates and Compare Subfolders functions are disabled in the 'free' lite version. Three other man features of the Xplorer2 Professional version not present in the lite version are advanced search (Omni-Finder), full Unicode support and robust transfer. Often time's free versions of software are independent of their paid upgrade, however Xplorer2 Lite is simply Xplorer2 with more than just a few of the far more useful options turned off. This can make for an extremely frustrating experience while using it, because many of the options (those that are made unavailable) are not clearly labeled as such. But for me, the biggest negative is that you still must use the Windows Explorer search function in order to search for any files. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not really complaining because Xplorer2 Lite, which is offered free for personal and academic use and is actually an overall useful program; however the fact remains that - simply put - the free version is FAR LESS useful. show Review details
For all needs 5 stars by Zebulj Mar 27, 2012 (Read all my 5 reviews)
An excellent file manager. You can choose from lite (free), pro and ultimate. It has everything you ever need, packet in easy to use interface with option for add ons. show Review details
Features rich while being user friendly 5 stars by minh_katze Aug 10, 2010
I have been using Xplorer2 (lite and pro) for years now and I really recommend it to others. For a short and useful comment I'd say the program is rich in features while still being user friendly. I have tried a lot of explorer replacement and this one is definitely my favorite. It have enough useful features for me such as tab browsing, bookmark, view filter, customizable interface, full unicode support (pro version), mass file rename and extension changing ... etc. It has a good blend between features and user friendly, the other progs that I tried may have too much features that it becomes overkill while some others has too few features that make it become no better than the default explorer that comes with windows show Review details
Well designed 5 stars by madmik Jul 19, 2009 (Read all my 32 reviews)
Easy to use,reliable,fast and problem free as regards remembering and alternating between any combination of settings.,Just the right amount of usable features which can be simply configured. My favorite! show Review details
Great file manager, excellent support 5 stars by nverwer May 28, 2009
I have used the licensed (pro) version of xplorer2 for several years now. Sometimes I have tried other file managers, but none of them beat the ease-of-use, the simple (no bells and whistles) interface and the exactly right feature set. The author gives good and quick support when you run into a problem, even if it is not caused by xplorer2 (but by a misconfiguration of tortoisesvn in my case). Definitely worth buying a license! show Review details
One of the best 5 stars by Dolf01 Oct 25, 2007 (Read all my 12 reviews)
Very good explorer, easy to use and to adapt. Tried many others, but this one I like most. If you do not need the advanced options you can get the slightly limited free-version on the website of Xplorer2 show Review details
Best explorer available 5 stars by AS400SysPgmr Aug 29, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I have been using xplorer2 for over a year. I have also recommended this product to several of my friends. Every person I know using this product - thinks it is the best software available on the pc. If my pc is on - this product is loaded. I have 'tested' several other Explorer based packages and nothing compares to the functionality/stability of this tool. You will not be disappointed. show Review details
More praise for xplorer2 5 stars by bhbmnc Aug 28, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Totally agree with RickyF about xplorer2. I've been using it since it first came out and long ago realized there was no need to keep looking at Explorer replacements (although I do, just out of curiosity). Everything about it, even the support forum and documentation, is excellent. Note that there is a so-called "Lite" version that is freeware, but without looking at the comparison chart, it would be hard to know what's not there compared to the full version. It, along with KeyNote, is a program that I depend on so much that I just leave it open all the time. show Review details
The windows explorer replacement 5 stars by RickyF Aug 27, 2006 (Read all my 11 reviews)
I've tried most of the Explorer replacements and this is far and away my favorite. I rely on it for efficient file management and computing. I've been using it for years and I still find new, useful features. Try it out. show Review details
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