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Very good app 4 stars by joaovolatil-sites751 Aug 15, 2013
The battery icon on my xp netbook just won't show, so I searched options and find this little gem of software, which does what I needed and more. For instance, it shows your battery "wear level". Just pay attention, in the settings window you must click on the upper right arrows to see all information available. show Review details
Would be perfect if ... 3 stars by hercules212 Apr 04, 2010 (Read all my 9 reviews)
This utility resembles the battery indicator available on Thinkpad notebooks. It's clearly visible on the taskbar. Unfortunately, on my notebook when it indicates there still is 20% power remaining there in fact is only 5% power remaining. After the first time this happened it was not a problem, but some people may find it annoying if it occurs on their system. show Review details
Got a notebook? so this is the soft you need! 5 stars by RavenHeart Jul 23, 2006
A very nice piece of software to display some info about how much energy is still left in your battery to run your notebook. It can also show you the time remaining to battery's complete discharge as well as the current power consumption. Doesn't use too much of your precious RAM nor HD space. To sum up - it's the software you definitely need if you have a notebook/laptop computer. show Review details
It should be standard in win xp 4 stars by GiWeDa Jul 17, 2006 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I remember that I've seen a similar feature in a laptop maybe from IBM. Probably the author took inspiration from that software and created an universal battery indicator. The only negative point is that, while the author claimed it's due by the laptop that the indicator can't visualize the estimate time left, other softwares I tried (not freeware) show it perfectly. Despite this little problem this freeware is now standard in my laptop installation show Review details
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