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This program should be called meminfo + 5 stars by JURYCOM Nov 22, 2006 (Read all my 43 reviews)
It is amazing sometimes what gifts people will make to complete strangers such as me. In this case, the gift is MemInfo which is a handy little tool that give you a "visual" on your task bar of your RAM usage in a nice variety of ways. It just sits there with a number, say 289, so I know that I'm only using 289 about of 1,000 MB of memory. I decided to try the program because I was having some performance issues. Now I know for sure that the problems are not caused by the amount of RAM left and I know this on an on-going basis. Additionally, MemInfo has a quick "memory defragmentation" routine that freed up about 25 MB of RAM and it seems also made the desktop a little quicker. All in all, if knowledge of what your RAM is doing is what you want then this tool will certainly fit your budget (free) and its small footprint won't hurt performance. As a plus, the taskbar graphic is real professional looking, too. show Review details
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