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Great support 5 stars by sdpaul Sep 14, 2006
This SMTP proxy is a great addition to any mail server. You can easily setup filters for spam and setup checking for SURBL and DNSBL black lists. Also gives you the ability to use many different anti virus software packages in order to keep your email safe. Support for the product is outstanding! show Review details
Great features+great support = great product 5 stars by _Dave_ Sep 09, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
If you're tired of dealing with spam on a word-by-word basis (how many times *can* they spell 'cialis'), then eWall is for you. On a scale of 1-10, features rate a 10. On a scale of 1-10, support ranks an 11 (sometimes you get an updated version of the software from a request you made the same day...unheard of these days). Sure, it does require some "playing" to get it configured, but with a 30 day trial, you can't go wrong. Plus, there's newsgroups dedicated solely to this product that provides a common area for users (and the designers) to contribute. {Example: The programmer responds to I'm guessing 98% of the posts made...I'm not sure how he spends the rest of his day} ;-) Flexible, extensible, upgradeable...I'm running out of positive adjectives to describe this product. Try it for yourself and see what I mean (and yes, you get support EVEN IF ONLY RUNNING THE FREE DEMO). What have you go to loose? show Review details
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