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Wow! 4 stars by busybusy Nov 12, 2011 (Read all my 258 reviews)
This is pretty sweet audio streaming web-based application. It was easy to setup and start serving music. I did find some limitations, it only supports .MP3 files. I have .WMA, .M4A and a few others which currently are not support even though you can put in different file extensions for it to index. The web player seems to work better in IE even though it support other browsers. Overall it is a great start and I have seen chatter in the forums of feature upgrades. I'll look forward to the next version. They can only go up from here. Great job. I give it Two-Thumbs Up! show Review details
Fast and functional 5 stars by jextuens Jan 10, 2007 (Read all my 38 reviews)
Feature-rich yet fast and functional show Review details
Vibe mp3 streamer 5 stars by EirinMc Jun 13, 2006
Vibe MP3 Streamer is easy to use and it was not hard to setup and configure. You can configure it with any router and I used Linksys Router. It's all so easy to uses with IP Addresses and I would recommend this server to everybody that is looking for free MP3 Streamer software that is on the Internet. I would like to give credit to the company and hard work for building this software program for everybody and the time they have been working to build this free software program. It's Awesome and most of all keep up the good work for future software titles you design and make. I give this software ***** 5 Star rating. show Review details
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