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Love it 5 stars by Nicholas Jan 30, 2020 (Read all my 72 reviews)
After many trials, errors, disappointmens and uninstalls I finally found this free dSync progam that does what it promises and also does right from the start. Dsynchronize comes with a user interface that is very versatile and yet understandable at a glance. Love at first sight? Well... Yes! show Review details
Totally in sync 5 stars by busybusy Jan 16, 2020 (Read all my 257 reviews)
DSynchronize is a simple and pretty straight forward sync utility. I love that it has different modes that it can in, for instance: Real time, as a Service, Timed Intervals. The program is small and takes very little memory which is always a plus. After a month of testing I has not seem any issues whatsoever. Another feature that it has is this a DSynchronize Controller which allows you to monitor all your installations of DSynchronize. You can configure the port address if you happen to have a port conflict. This is pretty unquie and awesome for sure! I wanted to thank the author Dimitrios for putting out this really awesome and evolving sync tool. show Review details
Useful and easy 5 stars by Ubiquitous Aug 07, 2014 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I had been looking for a tool to synchronize my files between a flash drive and several different computers. This one is not only small and fast it is also portable. It has worked flawlessly for the past 2 months and I am very pleased with the operation and the results. Good job and kudos to the developer for an excellent and useful piece of software! show Review details
Superb tool, needs documentation 5 stars by paul1149 Feb 07, 2011 (Read all my 13 reviews)
This is a superb syncing tool. I've tried many, and this one beats them all. MS's RichCopy is the most feature-rich, but it's problematic and difficult to use, especially from the command line. This tool processes quickly and does exactly what it says. You have to pay attention to the settings, because you can mess things up royally if you misdirect the program, that's the way powerful tools work. While the prog is pretty intuitive, more documentation would be helpful, especially when it comes to the command line. I want to hook this thing up to the Windows Scheduler, and I can't figure out how... I also have an email in to Dimio, but I don't know how busy he is. show Review details
Works fast and tranparently 5 stars by Kwazy_Wabbit Jan 07, 2011
I was surprised at the speed and integrity with which DSync sync'd files in real-time mode to my external mirror drive. There was only a four second delay in updating the external mirror with modified or new files. Files deleted on your primary drive can also be auto-deleted on mirror. Simple setup and precision functionality that I was looking for in a FREE product. It effectively allows me to RAID my internal corporate laptop drive by mirroring to my external USB drive. Now when my laptop OS files get corrupted (as in the case of an incident yesterday), I can move my external USB drive to another laptopPC to use for my work and email while my corporate IT guys repair the laptop. And when repairs arefinished, I just plug the USB drive back in to my laptop and my updates files are resync'd back onto my primary internal drive. DSynchronize can run as a service after the sync jobs are defined (but you need to initially do a manual sync to produce the mirrored folders before setting up real-time mode because real-time mode performance would be degraded until the mirror is initially established). What a painless tools for business continuity during disasters. show Review details
Great, but it deletes by default. 4 stars by Mindach44 Feb 22, 2010 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Dsync is great to do common tasks, however 2 things bother me. First, it by default DELETES files from remote unit, 2nd the sync feature can not work with large locked files (as is with most utilities). It is useful to transfer files between directories, but I like [...] but, they are not freeware. show Review details
Dsynchronize 4 stars by regatavalon Mar 26, 2009
A good easy to use package. The user interface is somewhat clumsy but this software is ideal for backing up data AND synchronizing data between disks. show Review details
Awesome 5 stars by soodsaman Feb 17, 2009
Will take some learning to use, but this thing is very powerful! show Review details
Synced! 5 stars by gimpguy Nov 11, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, after using syncback for a long time, I feel I have found something better. It's very easy to configure, more back up time options and does the job well. I love the real time backup, although "experimental" currently, it works very good. It does take a lot of resources though, more so than Halo or VM and slows my machine down drastically. Once again, back to the understanding it's just in it's early stages so no prob here. I am simply happy to have the real time when needed! If they need beta testers or anything, I'm in! This is going to be one of the best sync tools out there. show Review details
What every sync tool should be 5 stars by Charoid Nov 10, 2008
DSynchronize does what all sync tools should do, simply work. It's UI is well thought out, the core of the app seems to be well implemented and is very stable. Once the input and output directories have been specified, it can be set to do it's job automatically. It can even perform realtime sync as well as timed ones. Very flexible app. If you need an app for file sync operations, give DSynchronizer a go. It gets the freeware top notch award from me. Out of all the apps that I have tried for this purpose, nothing even come close to this application. show Review details
Sync that works! 5 stars by Thomaso Aug 07, 2008
I have used this app a lot the last 2 years. It is small and easy to understand. But most important it does things right. I have tested a lot of other syncs and all of them skip files. I have not yet found any errors with this one. And its free! show Review details
Great sync tool 5 stars by BurningRopeCom Nov 06, 2007 (Read all my 13 reviews)
I've tried any number of sync tools, and for making sure that my laptop is in sync with the desktop machine (just a couple of folders) this is without a doubt the best I've used. Just set up the the folders you may need to keep in sync and check the ones you need for the occasion. For whole drive back-up I still prefer Tarylynn, but to sync a few folders with the laptop this is the best. show Review details
Excellent piece of software 5 stars by TechHead Nov 03, 2007
Program is simple to use and does the job without any fuss. I've been using it for a while now and it has worked faultlessly the whole time. Well worth giving it a go. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by TerryP Nov 06, 2006 (Read all my 87 reviews)
This is a very small, fast, and simple synchronizer. I highly recommend it. show Review details
Small is beautiful 5 stars by freewarelover Jun 12, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Just the kind of tool I was looking for. And it's so small. No registry-nonsense and very easy to control. I can really recommend this program. show Review details
Finally! 5 stars by r3solution Jun 11, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I've been looking for a program like this for literally years! It's simple, it's easy to setup and use, it doesn't mess around with registries or installers, and - most importantly - it does exactly what I need it to do. A program that quickly and reliably gives me an exact duplicate/backup of my entire data drive! Easy and sensible handling of filters, file deletions, and folders. I've tried countless more complicated or supposedly "easy" file synchro utils, and none of them would just do the one simple thing I wanted without a bunch of fuss and tweaking. With this program, I just clicked a few boxes, selected my drives, and it actually just WORKED! I almost couldn't believe it, so I tried some more tests, and it STILL worked. And it has a few more cool-sounding options that I can explore later. Definitely a very high recommendation! show Review details
Don't look any further 5 stars by dranconius Jun 09, 2006
Brilliant tool to use. It's a breeze to setup, can be scheduled, autostarted, no install required, stable, small footprint, and very quick. Wouldn't look any further, this tool does everything it is supposed to do. Make sure it saves changes on exit. Note that autostart uses a different ini file (located in user profile folder) which is a bit confusing at start. But besides being a minor glitch, it's also a good feature. show Review details
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