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Excellent system monitor and safeguard 5 stars by eruditeerowid130 Nov 08, 2021
This software protects and monitors changes to your registry and system files on Windows. It has saved me lots of time and effort with foistware and other unwanted system changes made by certain programs. It offers a registry backup facility which backs up your entire registry every 28 days and retains the last 15 copies. This has also saved me when I rather over-zealously tried to remove GotoMyPC from my computer. In terms of resource usage and intrusiveness, you will barely notice it's there, especially once you have exempted certain alerts from coming up after your initial deployment. Excellent and well recommended. show Review details
Best overall system monitoring tool 5 stars by busybusy Feb 19, 2019 (Read all my 258 reviews)
MJ Registry Watcher is a portable application which is wonderful addition to ones USB Tool Kit. It provided insight and reveals into a windows system that usually remain hidden behind the scenes. The interface is clean and easy to read. The default key selection is pretty good but if you feel something is missing you can add any registry key to monitor as well in the OPTIONs menu. So really it is ready to go once it is launched. To really understand this utility spend the time to read the internal HELP. This is a very detailed tool so for beginners it will take time to understand all the features and registry structure. There are many web pages devoted tot he breakdown and understand of the Windows Registry. The programs internal HELP is written very well and describes all the features, Registry Notation, and definitions to make this program as useful and easy to understand for any user. On Mark Jacobs website he has instructions on how you can configure MJ Registry Watcher as a SERVICE. This is an advantage for those who want to have it running at start and continuously monitoring changes on your system. It has alert sounds to notify of any changes made to windows files or registry entries. Kudos to Mark Jacobs for putting out such an amazing utility! show Review details
In the know 5 stars by gimpguy Jun 27, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
If you are, like me and want to be able to monitor what software or other things are doing to the registry, or even the thought there may be an intruder somewhere on your PC, this nifty watcher will definitely give you a hand, or even a foot. It's just a little unnoticeable lock that sits in the system tray, open that up for your options, logs, etc... It can quarantine directories, files, remove, backup registry or single keys, I mean, this is a near perfect addition for anyone who is concerned about security and may not feel standard security tools are doing their full job, "with good reason" most don't. Well, they do a good job, but none are 100 and an addition like MJ is a gift wrapped in a zip file. In addition, you can choose to accept, reject or prompt on certain startup items and keys. I haven't even scratched the surface of this doohickey yet and there are nary enough characters in the comment section to write about this great registry tool. Hats off to the creators... and 5 star. show Review details
Best of it's kind! 5 stars by HA_Nut May 13, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have been using MJ Registry Watcher for a while and its my belief that it is the best freeware registry watching software currently available. An added bonus is that it also monitors changes to important system files. It is extremely customizable, so it can monitor as little or as much as the user wishes. FWIW, I think its highly worthwhile going to the authors website and visiting the 2 Wilders Security links he has listed there (for a good understanding of how Registry Watcher was developed and how it compares to some other similar programs.) (Be sure to read the bundled MJRegWatchHelp.txt file too.) FWIW, its my opinion that Registry Watcher is not for PC beginners. One needs at least a basic understanding of the registry. I also recommend running Registry Watcher in Accept Mode when one first starts running it. This gives one a chance to see how Registry Watcher works and learn how to interact with it. No doubt in my mind that Registry Watcher on my PCs makes them safer! show Review details
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