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Excellent program 5 stars by meistroracer Feb 01, 2009
I wanted a nice sticky note on my desktop. I checked through all of the notes listed on here and well. This one got my attention. Right after I have downloaded this little program. It was very easy and fun. I love the features that it has now. Great, great program. I haven't had the program long so right now I am basing this of what I have done so far with it. I think this program has a lot of potential. I am hoping it will come with a send to your friends or parents or whomever that important to you feature. Even without this feature it still a 5 to me it is. show Review details
Very nice 4 stars by Penguin Feb 18, 2008 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I like the interface and the ease of use. The only area that could use some improvement is the alarm function. Right now it can only be set for specific dates and clock times. It would be nice to also have the option of saying, "alarm in X number of minutes" or "in X hours or days." In addition, it would be nice to be able to snooze alarms. But aside from that, the program is very slick and nice to work with. I would recommend it. show Review details
The nicest sticky notes 5 stars by dexteriot May 03, 2007
The Nicest Sticky Notes Software Ive ever come across!!! Now my desktop looks neat. I used other similar programs but none of them can surpass HottNotes. Nice interface, many options to customize your notes like either just plain notes or in the form of a checklist, you can even set ALARMS so this is like 2 in 1, you can change background colors, transparency etc. The only thing it lacks is that you cant the font color but i can live with that no problem, and one last thing i nearly forgot to mention you can minimize them (not to taskbar) on the desktop with only the heading (another feature available) visible show Review details
The best of the desktop notes software 5 stars by KingofKings Oct 20, 2006
After looking at many other sticky notes programs including the one from 3M (the creator of Post-Its), this was the best. It was also free and extremely easy to use. The only downside is that it has no help file but only the extremely PC-handicapped will need help with this program. show Review details
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